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Doctor Who audio story - Las Pinturas Negras

We recently put a call out for your Doctor Who fan fiction, and not only did we receive some great written works but also some very interesting audio projects. Here's one of them from CP Studios called Las Pinturas Negras. 

I spoke with the crew from CP Studios about their audio productions....
CP Studios is a small, relatively new group committed to telling a range of stories set in the universe of Doctor Who. Each of us is a long-time fan of the show and its various spin-off media, and although we are all very different people with different preferences and interpretations, it was our love for Doctor Who and the colourful, exciting world it portrays which brought us together. 
The series features our own version of the Doctor (played by Mathew Urch in our pilot episodes before being succeeded by Scott D. Harris), with his companions Whitney, Zacharias and K9. The first story we did as a team, Las Pinturas Negras, is a three-part adventure inspired by Scott's fascination with the works of artist Francisco Goya, blending elements of magic and mysticism with the series' historical and science-fiction origins. This of course is something the original show was never hesitant to attempt, and allows for a greater range of story styles.
You can listen to episode 1 of Las Pinturas Negras right here...

To hear the rest of the story visit the CP Studios website here, and if you enjoyed that you'll be pleased to know that they have continued to create more audio adventures.
We have since produced a four-part serial The Wooden Planet based on an idea by Arco Chamber, and are preparing to put no less than two more stories into production very soon (Everything Stops for Tea, The East India Incident), with the next two in the early stages (The Ride of the Headless Horseman, A Krampus Carol).
We intend to maintain a fairly frequent update schedule, at least so far as we're able, and happily invite everyone reading this to be a part of that. We are always looking for people who might want to get involved, be it through voice acting, writing, music or anything else. We can be contacted at or through our new Facebook page.It's been a grand adventure so far, and we hope it'll continue to get better.

If you write or produce Doctor Who fan fiction, artwork, video or audio stories and would like to be featured then please send your story/information together with a short introduction to

For written fan fiction we are ideally looking for stories of between 1,000 to 3,000 words (but if it's longer or shorter then that's possible for inclusion), nothing sexual or overly filled with profanity will be presented on the site.

Doctor Who, and all it's related characters, is the property of the BBC and the respective copyright holders. No infringement of these copyrights is intended. The fan produced stories are presented for entertainment purposes only and not for profit.

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