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DOCTOR WHO - Mark Gatiss talks PETER CAPALDI and the MASTER

Mark Gatiss has given an interview to Portuguese website AdoroCinema, largely discussing Sherlock and his upcoming stint on Game Of Thrones, but they got a few Doctor Who questions in there too.

Speaking about Peter Capldi, Gatiss said:
"I saw a little of Peter Capaldi in action and he is wonderful. I think it will be very exciting for everyone, because (he) is a more dangerous, more urgent doctor. (He) has a side of crazy."
Reading between the lines there, Mark Gatiss must have been on set to see Capaldi in action, maybe he will be responsible for writing another Doctor Who episode this year.

When asked how he felt about the casting of an older Doctor, Gatiss answered:
"A fascinating thing is that when I was a child the Doctor was always older. And when Peter Davison was cast in 1981, the general comment was: "how can the Doctor be so (young) again?" Now the doctor is generally younger and all ask, "how can he be so old" I was very saddened by the departure of Matt Smith. He did a great job, as David Tennant (did) before him, but Peter has something interesting to bring to the role this time. The series has already turned eight, (it) is not new anymore, it's time to do something more radical. I think it will be fantastic."

How does Gatiss feel about the persistent rumour of the Master making a return in series 8?
"I think anything is possible, but with this new Doctor, I think its important not to get stuck on old preferences. When I was little, Tom Baker took over as doctor and had a complete change of monsters. The Zygons, the Krynoids are fantastic. It's always nice to have new things."
Nice way to avoid an answer there. I would point out that although Gatiss states we "had a complete change of monsters" we also got the Daleks and Cybermen in Tom Baker's opening year, and both the stories rank amongst the best there are out there.

Finally, there's one other rumour that we'd all hoped pans out, that Matt Smith had recorded a cameo for the opening episode. Does Gatiss believe it's true?
"No. Matt left. That's what happens with Doctors, unfortunately."
To be fair, he probably would not confirm that one, even if he knew for a fact it was true.

Source: AdoroCinema with the assistance of Google Translate!

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