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More reasons to love JEFF GOLDBLUM

This week the greatest living man on the planet, Sir Jeff of Goldblum took part in a Reddit AMA. He answered questions about his various likes and dislikes, his pop culture influence, and which creature he'd like to be spliced with.

From the get-go it was clear that it was most definitely Jeff freaking Goldblum in the room. His introduction went:
"I'm an actor, musician, teacher, and I have a couple of movies out in theaters right now. Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel and another movie called Le Weekend. Both those movies get ten Goldblums out of a possible ten Goldblums in my humble opinion.
You know, besides those, you might have seen me in any number of things, you know, a couple of the Jurassic Park movies, Independence Day, The Fly, TV and stage stuff. Currently here and there on Portlandia. Just finished a movie with Johnny Depp and Ewan McGregor and Gwyneth Paltrow called Mortdecai. Came back from a stint on the stage at Lincoln Center.
Ask me anything, I'm an open-faced sandwich,"
Here are 10 of our favourite questions and answers from Jeff Goldblum the Reddit AMA.

1.. Sticking with the sandwich theme, Goldblum was asked what his favourite was:
"Oooooooooh. SANDWICH. OH MY GOSH.
Oh my gosh.
I love sandwiches.
When I was a kid, every day I had a bacon lettuce tomato sandwich. Then at some point I switched to tuna fish sandwiches. Then turkey and swiss with russian dressing. Now I try to stay in the healthier vein, but I love every moment of my sandwich life."
Who doesn't?

2.  What advice would Jeff Goldblum of today give a Jeff Goldblum who was just starting out, and how does Goldblum think the medium of acting has changed, if at all, over the course of his career?
Gee, that's interesting. Oh boy, that's interesting.
Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.
It's a good question, like Back to the Future, you would spend a good session trying to go over many things. It's not as if I regret a lot of things, I would say whatever you're doing, it's perfect, I wouldn't want to tamper with it, you can't change anything about the past. No advice, I wouldn't want to tamper with the past.
Or the funny answer would be "Don't eat shrimp that's been left out for more than several hours."
Oh gosh, golly, I don't know that it has changed. Good actors have always been trying to do the same thing, which is pretend good."
3. When asked if he could splice his DNA with another organism, a-la The Fly, Goldblum's choice of creature and name was quite surprising.
"Let's see. Off the top of my head, I'd splice myself with a dolphin, and my name would be Surf Goldblum."
Full credit to Redditor Placenta_Claus who responded with "Life.. uh.. finds a wave."

4. What's the best advice Goldblum has ever received? Whilst firing on all Goldblum's he replied:
Gee. The best advice ever given…to me… Let's see. Oh boy. This is a good one. The best advice ever given to me is fill your days with what you love doing. Also, you know, contribute as substantially as you can to the community, and, uh, something the opposite of what the opposite of what the character does in Wolf of Wall Street. Do something worthwhile and substantial, not with any sales technique or baloney on top of it, and give as much as you can. The opposite of the Wolf of Wall street, but I don't know how to put that into a pithy piece of advice. And also, put down your device, whatever it is, when you cross the street. Stop, look, and listen. Both equally important."

5. Ever wondered what Goldblum's favourite Dinosaur is?
"I'm no expert but since childhood I've had a fondness for the triceratops, because I read a kid's book about a kid who finds an egg in his backyard, and it's a triceratops, and he rides it. Remember that book? That's the one! And then they take him to Washington. Boy, you're into dinosaurs, you really know them."
Should've been in Jurassic Park 3 then!

6. When asked for something surprising about himself, Goldblum responded:
"Hahaha. Surprising. Hmmmm.
I've never had a cavity or a filling.
See? You're surprised."
7. You know that picture of Jeff Goldblum is watching you do your bathroom duties?
So does Jeff:
"Yes I am. So be careful how you behave."
8. What was it like for Goldblum being covered in all that hair in Earth Girls Are Easy?
"Hot. I mean, sweaty. But, um, provocative."
9. One Redditor asked if it was weird if he hung this picture over his fireplace.

Goldblum replied:
"I think it would be very nice, and a great honor."

10. Finally, when asked just how to pronounce his name, Gold-bloom or Gold-bluhm? Goldblum revealed:
"Hahaha. However you want would be fine. I myself say bloom to rhyme with Zoom."
Totally knew it!

Source: Reddit

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