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The A to Z of SUPERNATURAL - B is for Bobby

Elle Schwartz continues her look back at the long running CW series, with the second installment in her A to Z of Supernatural.

B could be for Bela, Bible, Brothers or even Busty Asian Beauties!
B could be for any number of things from Supernatural, but in my mind B can only be for Bobby (and his catchphrase, Balls!).

Originally the character of Bobby Singer was just going to appear in the season 1 finale, Devil's Trap. But he proved so popular that Bobby has so far appeared in 57 episodes of the show.

Played by Jim Beaver and named after Supernatural Executive Producer, Robert Singer, Bobby was a hunter, close friend and father figure to the Winchester brothers.

After he was forced to kill his demon possessed wife, Bobby spent many years as a hunter and gathered an extensive knowledge of the supernatural. Sam & Dean turn to him for help when their father is kidnapped by demons, but after John Winchester's death it is Bobby who becomes the father figure to the two 'idjits'.

We learn that Bobby has been an important figure in Sam & Dean's life since they were children, and his salvage yard became home for the Winchester brothers whilst they repaired the Impala. When back on the road they would frequently revisit him for advice, assistance and the use of his extensive demon fighting resources, and Bobby would occasionally call with a job for the boys.

Bobby was always there to guide the brothers, until he was shot and died whilst in a coma in season 7 episode Death's Door, it was one of the most emotional stories of the whole series. But as we all know death is not usually the end for any character on Supernatural. Bobby's ghost appeared throughout several more episodes that year, until Sam & Dean finally put him to rest.

Eventually we learned that Crowley had taken Bobby to hell where was being tortured, but in the season 8 episode Taxi Driver, Sam rescues Bobby and releases his soul into heaven. Exactly where Bobby deserves to be.

Bobby made one final appearance (to date) in the season 9 opening episode, when he appears to Sam whilst he's in a coma, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see Bobby again in the near future, in fact I really hope we do.

Next time it's C for ???

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