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Vic and Bob's HOUSE OF FOOLS gets a second series

The BBC have commissioned a second series of Vic and Bob’s anarchic comedy House of Fools. 

I really enjoyed the first series. Although some of the jokes didn't hit the mark, when it worked it was insanely funny, so this is good news indeed. Especially as it means we get more of Matt Berry's wonderful Beef, the finest comedy creation this decade.

Set in Bob’s home, series 2 of House Of Fools will once more feature uninvited lodgers, visitors and guests who constantly fill the house, wreaking havoc everywhere they go.

Vic and Bob will again be joined by lady-obsessed lothario Beef (Matt Berry), Geordie ex-con Bosh (Dan Skinner) and Bob's sulky son Erik (Daniel Simonsen) while man-eater Julie (Morgana Robinson) will still be lurking next door.

Vic and Bob say: “We are overjoyed and thankful to our great corporation for their diligence in this matter."

Of course they are!

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