Catch up with Khaleesi, Jon Snow and other key players in the GAME OF THRONES - Warped Factor - Words in the Key of Geek.

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Catch up with Khaleesi, Jon Snow and other key players in the GAME OF THRONES

Over the last few days we've been playing catch up with the main characters of Game Of Thrones. We've checked out the Stark's and the Lannister's, and today we look at everyone else starting with the Mother Of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen...

I don't know what Geroge RR Martin has planned for Dany, but if she doesn't make it back to King's Landing then him and I shall be having words! I doesn't have to happen this season, maybe not even next, but if he even thinks of killing her off before she sails the ocean to Westeros then oh boy, ass whooping time!!!

Anyhow, the Mother of Dragons spent season 3 building her army. After her unfortunate time in Qarth, she traveled on to Asatpor and picked up the whole of the Unsullied army by using her dragon to burn all the slave owners dead. Next stop is Yunkai and, with the help of the Second Sons and Daario Naharis, she frees those guys too. That's quite an army she has now, and I don't believe she's anywhere near finished. Besides, those dragons still got some growing to do!

Moving on to double agent Snow, Jon Snow. First let's recap what he knows...

After killing Qhorin Halfhand (it's alright, he wanted Jon to do it), Jon Snow impressed Mance Rayder enough to become a Wildling Raider. The happy band of campers head south to climb the wall, on route they witness the White Walkers destruction of the Night Watch at the Fist of the First Men.

After climbing the wall Jon and Ygritte have a snog on top of the world, the love affair is short lived because it's not long after that Jon is asked to show his loyalty by killing a poor old dude, natch he refuses. Arrows are shot, Jon takes some in the leg and rides off to Castle Black. Leaving poor Ygritte behind (mind you, she was the one who shot him! Love, eh?).

I've never liked Theon Greyjoy (it's possible that it just might be a projection of my dislike for Lily Allen, as it is her brother, Alfie, who plays the part), that being said, I've also never wanted to see him strung up and tortured for almost the entire season.

To say he had a pretty shitty time last year would be an understatement. The bastard of Roose Bolton, Ramsey Snow, has him captive, has rechristened him Reek and chopped off his penis! OUCH!! OUCH INDEED!!!

Bolton has made a big mistake though, he sent the appendage to the Greyjoy family and Theon's sister Yara is coming to get him!

After his defeat at Blackwater Bay, Stannis Baratheon ran away and licked his wounds for awhile. That's when the Red Woman aka Melisandre wasn't licking them for him! She's still into her black magic and nudity and visions, something that Stannis' old friend and loyal supporter, Davos Seaworth, did not see eye to eye with. Stannis locked the Onion Knight in the dungeon, but eventually came to his senses. Both Davos and Melisandre agree to be frenemies as they both want the same thing deep down (ahhh). They are off to help the Night's Watch and fight the good fight at the Wall.

What will happen next? Found out when Game Of Thrones returns Sunday night, 9pm, HBO (and simulcast on SKY Atlantic).

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