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GAME OF THRONES - At home with the Lannisters

At Home With The Lannisters would make a great spin-off show. It could work as some reality type malarkey that a channel like E! might broadcast, or possibly even better as a network multi-camera situation comedy, with Joffrey not letting anyone sit on his Iron Throne because it's his spot!

But pitching potential sit-coms was not the point of this feature. No, we're here to catch up with the key players from Game Of Thrones. Yesterday we looked at the fine and noble House Stark, today it's the turn of the ever so dysfunctional Lannister clan. So without further ado let's get on with it...

I'm well aware that his surname is Baratheon, but both you and I know that there is nothing but Lannister blood pumping through Joffrey's veins.

So anyway, aware that The Walking Dead is pulling in big numbers, Joffrey boarded the 'crossbows are cool' train in season 3 and did this to poor Ros...

I'd make the comparison that Joffrey is essentially Justin Bieber, but I don't think the young King is quite that much of a douche bag!

Fortunately for Sansa Stark, Joffrey decided she wasn't good enough for him (Not since Selina Gomez has anyone had such a narrow escape!). Joffrey is now besotted with Margaery Tyrell, and set about wooing her by showing her how to put down a walker and giving her a tour of his barn were he keeps his 'dead' (sorry, wrong show!).

As the end of season 3 they are about to get married, much to the disappointment of Joffrey's dear old Mum, Cersie. She's jealous of young Margaery, mainly because her role as Queen Regent will be over when Joffrey gets hitched.

Cersei is possibly regretting pushing her brother Tyrion out of the position of Hand Of The king when her Father came to King's Landing, because Daddy dearest has decided that she now has to marry Loras Tyrell. Not only is he gay, but he's also not Lannister enough for her. Oh how she pined for her Brother Jaime to return home, but he was off on a season long road trip with Brienne Of Tarth.

Catelyn Stark entrusted Brienne to deliver the captured Jaime to the Red Keep in return for her daughters. On the way, they saw some sights, had a fight or two, bonded a little and Jaime became quite the gentleman. If any character had a turn around last season, it was Jaime. He even defended her honor when he could have scarpered. Brienne got him back to his family, albeit with the kingslayer missing a hand! At the end of the season he and Cersei were reunited.

You don't need to know much about Tywin Lannister apart from the fact that he's a bad arse mother lover who is essentially ruling the Kingdoms whilst Joffrey goes off on runs for supplies and checks the traps for rabbits (whoops, wrong show again. Sorry!). But Tywin was responsible for one of the best scenes of season 3, when he essentially scolded young Bieber Joffrey and sent him off to bed...

Finally, everyone's favourite Lannister, Tyrion. After being wounded in the Battle Of Blackwater Bay he unfairly lost his title of Hand Of The King, and so demanded to be made heir to Casterly Rock but instead got lumbered with Master Of Coin.

Tyrion is in love with the former prostitute Shae, and he got her a job as Sansa Stark's handmaiden. Things were good between them, but naturally it got all screwed up when Tyrion was forced to marry Sansa, making for a bit of an odd relationship between them all! However, Shae was relieved to find the bedsheets clean the morning after their wedding night.

Join us tomorrow as we look back at Dany, Jon Snow, Theon, Stannis and more key characters from Game Of Thrones.

Game Of Thrones returns Sunday night, 9pm, HBO, and simulcast on SKY Atlantic.

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