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Holy LEGO Bricks, Batman. To the Batmobile, let's go!

POW - With the 50th Anniversary of the fantastic Adam West Batman TV show on the horizon, - BAM - what better way to celebrate it than with this amazing Batmobile LEGO set - KAPOW! - complete with the Caped Crusader and his Boy Wonder, Robin.

This set has been submitted to LEGO Cuusoo, and if there's any justice in the world it will reach the 10,000 vote threshold needed for LEGO to take a closer look at the possibility of getting this set in our hands.

It's the work of Sam Gras and features the iconic 1966 Batmobile designed by George Barris with Batman and Robin minifigures based on Adam West & Burt Ward, plus a Joker minifigure inspired by Cesar Romero.

The Batmobile measures over 4” (10cm) high, 11” (28cm) long and 5” (13cm) wide and comes with screen accurate License plates.

Hope over to LEGO Cuusoo and keep Batman smiling by helping make this set a reality.

Source: LEGO Cuusoo

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