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24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY 11am to 1pm review

Jack is most definitely back! 
Brad Wilson gives us his take on the opening 2 hours from 24: Live Another Day.

The following article takes place between “Thank God” and “It’s back!” What a great return for Jack Bauer. Our tortured soul of a hero has come back and it’s awesome.

First of all, It was like seeing an old friend back in the schoolyard. Jack Bauer and company haven’t missed a beat. Right out of the gate fans of the original series are welcomed back with familiar dialogue, camerawork, and action. And that carries through the entire episode. But enough about the past.

The main thing that sticks out to me, and makes me excited about the miniseries, is how much it looks like the one of the main plots is torn right out of today’s headlines: The use of drones. I’ll touch on this later.

A subplot that relates to our 2014 world, is Chloe's decision to join a hacker collective that acquires and “disseminates” classified material (a la Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden). I love this. It’s current and a hot button issue, especially with Snowden still facing espionage charges in the U.S. I really hope this gets explored.

Chloe has been captured by what I think is a a CIA branch titled “Special Projects.” And from the context clues given in the episode, some pretty nasty stuff goes down with those guys. Anyway, the CIA’s base in London thinks they have a lead on capturing Bauer.

In case you forgot, Bauer is a fugitive after the end of Day 8. He tried to kill the Russian president and now everyone pretty much thinks he’s a criminal. But, of course, you and I, the smart ones, know he is not.

So, they catch him and bring him in for questioning. But, of course, it’s not that simple with Jack Bauer. We quickly learn Jack got himself captured so he could rescue Chloe. Now, how we learn this is through the mind of who I’m assuming is supposed to be the modern, female version of Jack: Agent Kate Morgan.

The actress playing her is Yvonne Strahovski of “Dexter” fame. So far, her character is my only complaint of the premiere. I just don’t buy her as a badass CIA field agent. I feel like they’re trying to paint her as the new rogue agent who knows better than everyone else, and that’s fine. I *do* buy she’s smart. But as a field agent, not so much. (I didn’t really buy Renee Walker as one either, but she proved me wrong, so, I’ll give Agent Morgan a chance).

Turns out the reason Jack resurfacing four years after disappearing is because he stumbles across plan to kill the American President. For this day, James Heller is president. You may remember him from the old days as the Secretary of Defense and Audrey Raines’ father. At the end of Day 5, Jack was captured and subsequently tortured by the Chinese. Audrey ends up going after him, but is captured and tortured herself. After her rescue, Audrey was basically in a catatonic state. President Heller blames Jack for this.

Mark Bourdreau is serving as President Heller’s Chief of Staff and is apparently Audrey’s new love interest. His character is quintessential to this show. A good guy who loves his wife and his country, but has the fatal flaw of hating Jack Bauer. But this time, you can understand it. I mean, the dude spent the last four years trying to bring Audrey back from the abyss she apparently fell into. And he, like the rest of America, blames Jack.

Another subplot we’re introduced to is the slipping memory of Heller. It sounds like Alzheimer’s Disease and that’s a interesting thread to pull. A sitting American president with a disease that slowly takes your mind? I foresee a lot of stressful moments because of it, and we already saw some in these two episodes.

The reason Heller is in London is to sign a treaty with the British allowing the U.S. to have a drone base on their soil. (Drones, another plot pulled out of today’s headlines). But, of course, after Derek Yates hijacks a drone and bombs a British-American convoy, President Heller has his work cut out for him. Oh, and Stephen Fry is the British P.M.? Um, THAT’S awesome!

Also, apparently Catelyn Stark is alive! But, now her name is Margot and she and her daughter are hell bent on killing a lot of people.

I’m really excited to see how all these threads pan out. You’ve got an American president whose mind is slipping, his daughter holding onto sanity, her husband trying to protect the President but scared to death of what Bauer could do to his family. Then, you have hacker groups, drones, and what looks like an elaborate attempt to kill millions of people.

If that’s not “24,” then I don’t know what it is. It was a great premiere and it has me excited to take one last ride with Jack Bauer.

Brad Wilson lives in Southwest Florida where he writes every day at his job as a television news producer at WINK News. He doesn’t have a blog up yet, but it’s coming. In the meantime you can follow him on Twitter @bradwilson86.

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