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CHRIS HEMSWORTH offered starring role in LETHAL WEAPON reboot

Forgive me whilst I paraphrase Murtaugh, but when it comes to a Lethal Weapon reboot, I'm too old for this schizzle!

But it seems that a new version is going ahead and Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, has been offered the lead role. It won't be a complete reboot, more like Lethal Weapon: The Next Generation as reports suggest that the script centers on the desires of an older cop’s son (presumably Riggs’) and his wishes to join the police force. Whether any of the original cast will be involved remains to be seen.

Despite my opening statement, I'm prepared to stay open minded about this. It's not like Lethal Weapon invented the buddy cop format, although I'd argue they honed it to perfection in the earlier installments, and Chris Hemsworth could be a fine choice. If Mel Gibson and Danny Glover are involved then it will definitely be worth a watch, a fifth installment reuniting them with director Richard Donner was on the cards for many years, until the whole Mel Gibson career fall-out madness happened. But if the original duo is not back in some capacity then it will be hard to make it feel like anything but Lethal Weapon in name only.

Joel Silver is on board as producer, Justin Lin is attached as director and the script comes from Will Beale. No confirmation as yet if Shane Black is involved in any capacity.

Source: The Tracking Board

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