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GAME OF THRONES First Of His Name review

Raff finishes her Nan's signature pea soup whilst watching this week's installment of Game of Thrones. Here's her review of First of His Name.

I have just finished watching this week’s episode and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. We are at the half way point now and I thought that a lot more would happen in First Of His Name.

Having said that, I feel like the series is speeding ahead when compared to the books. You are all probably going to be sick of me saying, ‘when compared to the books’ but I felt a lot more happens before we get to this point.

I don’t really know why I feel a bit lackluster about this episode, but I guess it wasn’t as shocking as the others. That might seem a bit unfair since we are only on episode 5 and we have already seen a wedding, a death, a rape and an imprisonment. So it seems like we were due an episode that is a bit calmer.

Usually I watch Game of Thrones with my breakfast and a lot of the time something happens to put me off that breakfast, which, to be honest, I don’t mind since I am trying to get my bikini body back in time for summer. But this time I was eating my lunch, which was my Nan’s signature pea soup, and I ate the lot. Nothing happened to shock me enough to stop eating. So Nan, if you are reading this, your soup was delicious.

But before I treat myself to another helping of soup, let’s get on with the show.

The Lannisters
The Lannisters opened the show this week (sometimes I forget that most of them are Baratheons, to be honest) with poor Tommen being sworn in as King. I feel so sorry for him because he didn’t ask for this path in life and it wasn’t meant for him. Part of me thinks that he is too innocent to rule Westeros, but I do get a different feeling from him when compared to the feeling I got with book Tommen. TV show Tommen seems a lot older in the head, even though he is just as shy.

He was having a nice moment with Margaery, nodding to tell him is doing a good job, when evil Cersai had to ruin it. I hate her so much. There is just something about her that gets under my skin. Although I did like that she seems to know that Tommen needs Margaery, but she also knows that Margaery knows that marrying Tommen was what the Tyrells had in mind all along. The scene was very well acted and seemed innocent with devious undertones.

In this episode, we also see that Cersai is trying to get information about Tyrion’s trial out of her Father, Tywin (who completely sees through her) and from Oberyn Martell. She is determined to see Tyrion rot. Have I mentioned lately that I hate her?

Tywin also drops the bomb that the Lannisters are completely broke. In the books, I don’t really remember them being completely broke, just a bit on the poor side and they keep lending money off everyone. I seriously don’t know how they are going to pay for a trial and two more weddings when they have no gold.

Petyr Baelish, Lysa Arryn and Sansa
Sansa and Littlefinger arrive at the vale and are met by Lysa Arryn and her entirely too old to be breast-feeding son! Lysa marries Littlefinger and Sansa has assumed the new identity of Alayne.

It is worth noting that eagle eyed readers of the novels will already know that this another departure from the source material. In the books Sansa becomes Alayne, Petyr Baelish’s bastard daughter, not Alayne, his niece. I think this is a move that I like better in the TV show, because it never sat right with me that other people just accepted that he had a bastard daughter that no-one knew about. There are spies everywhere in Westeros and someone would have known that.

Lady Arryn gives me the creeps. Seriously, I would rather meet Freddy Kruger down a dark alley, than her. She needs to be locked away in a mental institution.

I loved the revelation in this episode that Littlefinger and psycho Lady Arryn are responsible for everything. They have manipulated everything from Ned being made Hand of the King and eventually losing his head, to the letter to Cat that blamed the Lannisters for everything.

I did have to rewind this part because I was so grossed out by psycho trying to inhale Littlefinger, that I missed what was being said and my soup nearly came back for a visit!

Brienne and Pod
Watching Brienne and Pod was some light relief. He doesn’t know how to ride a horse, or cook rabbit, and she resents having him there. The look on Brienne’s face was a picture when his horse was circling. I did like that they seemed to come to an understanding when she found out that he had never been taught much of anything, and yet he had still managed to save Tyrion’s life and kill a knight.

The Hound, Arya and Daenerys
These characters seemed to have the peripheral parts in this episode. We only see Daenarys a few times, when she is deciding to stay and fight for peace in Mareen even though she now has enough ships to sail to Kings Landing.

It seems like the fact that Astapor has been overthrown and is now a slave city again, was sort of brushed over. In the books I remember her being in a massive struggle over what to do about Westeros and Astapor. She made the decision in a few seconds in the show. I know they can’t include everything, but still, this was an important decision for her character.

Jon Snow and Bran
This arc made me really sad. Jon and Bran were so close and yet so far. It was heartbreaking.

The big revelation here is that Bran can warg into humans. He wargs into Hodor to save the day, when Locke tries to kidnap him. Someone on another site has called this ‘Brodor,’ which is a stroke of genius.

I never liked Locke anyway. Even last week when he stuck up for Jon, I thought he had an ulterior motive. How cheeky was he?!! Making out he was loyal to Jon and then trying to do a runner with Bran! I am glad Brodor snapped his neck!

In this arc, I loved the shock of Ghost killing Rast and then Jon killing Karl. If I had had any soup left at these points then it would have gone everywhere because I jumped out of my skin at both parts. Jon putting his sword through Karl’s skull was both brutal and deserved.

I know this episode was setting up everything for what is to come but I just didn’t think it was as successful as other episodes. It seemed choppy and a bit too sedate. I am looking forward to next week’s episode though, which by the looks of the trailer below, will be a lot more exciting.

Rating – 7/10

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