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GAME OF THRONES Mockingbird review

Raff offers herself up as champion (of Sugar Puffs), and brings us her review of Mockingbird

This week was a bit different for me. As you all know by now, I am a connoisseur of the sugar puff, but when I half sleep walked downstairs to get my daily fill, I was shocked to find that the sugar puffs were gone and there was a note from my Mum telling me that I should eat the last of the teacakes.

I was devastated. As you might have guessed, I am a person that likes order and schedule. So, it took me like 30 minutes to process that I needed to put the teacake in the toaster and then put the kettle on. Obviously, I got it done in the end, otherwise I would not be sitting here typing this story for you, but it messed me up for the rest of the day.

So, Game of Thrones, that is what I am supposed to be talking about, rather than letting you all in on the insane levels to which I am set in my ways. I don’t really know what is wrong with me lately. I usually watch Game of Thrones on the edge of my seat, with cereal all over me. But, apart from the first few episodes, I have just felt like something is missing.

The only reason for this could be that this is the first season where I have read the books before I have watched the episodes, so I know what is coming. But, I knew that Joffrey was going to die and I still enjoyed that to the appropriate levels.

Last week, I didn’t like the episode and it seemed that I was only person in the whole world that didn’t like it and was unaffected by Tyrion’s speech at the end. There must be other people out there that have read the books first, so do you think that reading the books has lowered your enjoyment of the TV show?

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, on with the review!

Tyrion and Jamie

This week’s episode opened with Tyrion and Jamie in the cells. Jamie is distraught that Tyrion has seemingly thrown his life away because he was in love with Shae and couldn’t stand her lies.

The acting in this scene was amazing. I felt so sorry for Tyrion, and Jamie looked devastated. With these two I almost forgot that this was a TV show and they were actors. I felt the same feeling of devastation that I did when I found out that there was no cereal.

The next time we see Tyrion was when he was asking Bronn to be his champion. Sometimes they almost have a brotherly relationship and it is shocking to realise that Bronn is only in everything for what he can gain. But when Tyrion wouldn’t let go of his hand when he was leaving, I had a lump in my throat.

In the end, Oberyn Martell has came to his rescue and agreed to be his champion, which I thought was a good twist, and something that I didn’t remember from the books. I have looked back now and it did happen. I like that he is doing it to get back at Cersei, and for a chance to beat the Mountain, who killed his sister, his niece and his nephew.

Arya and the Hound

Arya was badass in this episode! She seems to be bonding with the Hound, but you know the first chance she gets, she will take him out. I think this is the Arya of the future. When she stabbed the guy right in the heart, after only been shown where it is, once, was epic. I think she is going to be epic in the future.

I did feel sorry for the Hound in this episode. When he told Arya about how the Mountain burned his face, it made me see a softer side to him. Again, I saw him differently when he put the farmer out of his misery and didn’t leave him to die a painful death.

Daenerys Targaryen

I hated this part of the episode. I just hate that she sleeps with Daario Naharis. I mean I know she did this in the books, but It just doesn’t sit well with me. I do love her pyramid and I am thinking about doing my room up like that.

Jorah Mormont was so jealous of Daario. I don’t really know why though because she is just using him. I just don’t like this part of the story. She is the mother of Dragons, why does she need to lower herself to someone like that. This was the one part that I hoped they would change from the books and they left it in. I wish I was in charge.

Jon Snow

Anyway, Jon Snow is still battling the Night’s Watch about how large the Wildling army is, and how, well, giant, the giants are. It is doing my head in that they won’t believe him. It will serve them right when they are taking a permanent nap under a giant’s flip-flop.

I loved that Samwell Tarly was the one to calm Jon down. I love their relationship at the moment. They are totally best friends at the moment.

Melisendre and Selyse Baratheon

In the books, I thought Selyse came across as sort of simple and was left out of the comings and goings of the Red Witch. However, I feel like she is going to be more of an accomplice to Melisendre. I have said before that I hate this part of the story. I just don’t like the Red Witch. Even if she had turned Joffrey into a rat with one of her spells, I still wouldn’t like her.

Peter Baelish, Lysa, Sansa and the Moon Door

I am so happy that Lysa has gone for a trip out of the moon door. I hated her as well. She was just a terrible person and poor Robert was turning into a nightmare. This was the part where I think I would have liked it more if I didn’t know what was going to happen. I would have had a full-blown melt down when she was trying to kill Sansa, but I knew that Littlefinger was going to turn up and save the day.

I feel a little bit sad because I am never going to have the same reaction as I did to the Red Wedding, in anything else in the show. I don’t regret reading the books, but part of me wishes that I didn’t know so much that is about to happen.

I was very uncomfortable when Peter snogged the face off Sansa. Ew, she is supposed to be his niece! That was so gross. Furthermore, I don’t think Sansa was repulsed at all! She needs to get a grip.

Pod and Brienne

I love their relationship. It is so non conventional. I loved that they found Hot Pie and he told them where Arya was headed. It struck me that if they were to go looking for Arya, then they would find what they are looking for all along – Sansa.

Rating: I just didn’t feel this episode at all. Usually I am all consumed by Game Of Thrones but I found myself wondering what I was going to do with the rest of the day, and if I can justify having fast food 3-days in a row. I have to give this episode the lowest rating yet – 6/10

I can’t wait until next week with the big Viper vs Mountain fight off! Check out the trailer here.

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