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LEGO X-Men - Welcome to the Xavier Institute For Higher Learning

They've done it again! The team behind both the recent Doctor Who and The Big Bang Theory LEGO sets that are currently under review at LEGO Ideas (formally CUUSOO) have hit the jackpot for a third time this year. Their 4-story X-Men: Xavier Institute For Higher Learning has reached the 10,000 vote threshold and will go on to the review stage to hopefully become an official LEGO product.

It's no surprise because it's a stunning looking LEGO model. When closed, in the “storage” look, it remains a handsome display model, whilst also taking up a minimum footprint. However, the sides of this modular fold open along a vertical axis, creating the distinctive wings to the classic X-mansion.

Everything's there on the inside too, starting from the bottom left of the image above you can see:

• Cerebro / Danger Room Observation Deck
•The Danger Room
•Situation/Computer Room

•First floor Staircase
•Main Lobby
•Laboratory/Medical Bay

•Second Story Staircase
•Headmaster’s Office

•Top Story Staircase
•Storm’s Attic Garden
•Dorm Room

The creators propose that the set come with several characters including:
Professor X, the founder of the school complete with his levitating chair as depicted in the top image.
along with Beast, Shadowcat, Gambit, Mystique, Storm and Cyclops. Additional characters like Wolverine and Magneto would be available separately.

So now a team of official LEGO designers, product managers, and other key team members will examinine the idea, build concept models and attempt to determine if the concept meets LEGO's high standards for it to become an official LEGO product.

I gotta say, it's very very impressive, with some amazing detail featured in the rooms. I can imagine this being a very expensive set though - best start saving my pennies now!

Source: LEGO Ideas

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