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DOCTOR WHO Dalek Week - Evolution Of The Daleks

Christopher Morley picks up the story from Daleks In Manhattan, with part two of the Tenth Doctor adventure - Evolution Of The Daleks.

Now then, are you sitting comfortably? Good - we'll begin! Last time out Sec had become a Human Dalek, & that transformation will govern a lot of what goes on as we see for ourselves the Evolution Of The Daleks, in which they learn that if there's one thing humanity really isn't, its an inferior species. Let's continue, then...

Having emerged from his casing, Sec stands toe to toe with the Doctor. Caan, Jast & Thay want him exterminated as quickly as possible- but in the first sign that some emotion might have crept into his mentality, he rejects the idea out of hand ( which he now has, justifying the use of the expression). Ten has a surprise for him though- its a radio!

Tuning to Planet Rock, presumably, he proceeds to make the Daleks & their Pig Slaves go a bit giddy by cranking some choice Iron Maiden up to eleven while telling everyone that not only has he had guitar lessons with Steve Harris but also actually met the Beast itself ( The Satan Pit), not to mention a Daemon at Devil's End ( The Daemons).

Sending their captors nearly deaf allows the Doctor & friends to peg it back through the sewers, & watching them leave gives Thay & Caan some quality time to discuss their concerns at the growing emotional capacity of their leader. Everyone else is now back in Hooverville, Ten telling the rest of the residents the real story of what goes on down in the sewers. Until, that is, he's rudely interrupted in the process of putting a good finish to things by the arrival of Jast & Caan as a sort of Dalek air force, picking off several of the fleeing Hoovervillians. Sec, meanwhile, watches on from the Empire State Building via 'visual link' ( bit like Skype, really).

Solomon makes the elementary mistake of trying to reason with them, but his extermination really riles Sec- he orders them to stop & return to their genetics lab with the Doctor in tow. In return nobody is allowed to meet the same fate as poor old Solomon. Ten is needed as a bit of emergency help to fix things so that an anticipated 'gamma strike' can happen, an important part of the enormously complicated science required to create a new race of Dalek Humans.

What the Doctor wouldn't give to be back in his Second incarnation, showing off a lovely Beatle 'moptop' cut & finally getting the chance to learn I Am The Walrus on his recorder, perhaps ( see The Three Doctors for possibly the best pop culture joke ' classic Who'ever managed). Goo goo goo joob indeed. In fact, as it's that good a gag here it is-

...Before he can get too involved in attempting to master the psychedelic Fab Four classic though, he has to prepare a gene solution to be fed into the brains of some Human Dalek ' shells'. The principle is simple enough according to Sec- the intelligence of a Dalek mixed with a little human emotion. That means getting rid of their burning ambition for universal conquest!

At which point Ten has a little ' say what?' moment- unsurprising, given that he's spent quite some time & a good few incarnations stopping them from doing just that. Until a rather large spanner is put in the works!

Caan, Jast & Thay have turned mutineers, sabotaging things & refusing to recognise Sec as their captain on the grounds that he's no longer one of them. Injecting the ' shells' with pure Dalek DNA, they work towards ensuring that the ' experiment' goes in a direction more pleasing to their beloved Emperor. So busy are they with their treachery that they don't notice Laszlo & the Doctor escaping to take the lift to the top of the building. Going up!

Meeting with Martha, Tallulah & Frank ( another Hoovervillian) they quickly work out what has to be done- get the Dalekanium, or skirt-metal, off the top of the building. With some quite brilliant practical science, a band of Pig Slaves that was making its way up the lift is killed off. Mindful of the rule that every silver lining has a cloud, the Human Daleks pick their moment to wake up under the command of Caan- who gives himself the rank of 'Controller', which Sec had his eye-stalk on before becoming quite literally a different thing altogether. He's still angry though, & watches on as the 'Human Daleks' are ordered to take up weapons ( Tommy guns augmented with laser technology) & descend into the sewers.

Our not so merry band of heroes hotfoot it to the theatre- clearly not in the mood for a bit of song & dance though. The Doctor knows the Human Dalek army will be making its way there for a very different kind of matinee performance! Thay & Jast also pitch up with poor old Sec in chains, reduced to crawling when he'd once stood so proud as the poster boy of a better future for his race. Who'd have thought you could ever feel sorry for a Dalek, Human or not?

At that moment though, Ten does- acclaiming their prisoner as the most intelligent Dalek ever created. Well, he was there when it all began (Genesis Of The Daleks), so he should know! Which only serves to anger the remaining ' true' Daleks into making the latest of many attempts to kill him off. The Doctor's getting cocky now, & tries to get the 'Human Daleks' to finish the job. But they can't. Perhaps some incredibly clever gambit has actually worked..just like The Evil Of The Daleks, Two fans!

You see, the Doctor was atop the Empire State Building when the ' gamma strike' happened, which means that a little of his own genetic make-up went into the very ' shells' that are now trying to do him a they've now got a little of his personality. Which means questioning orders is now as easy as pie ( you might also recall Alpha, Beta & Omega enjoying similar freedom if you've experienced the joys of Evil) & kicks off a civil war of sorts between creations & creators. Not so good for Jast & Thay, who are quickly killed in the crossfire.

Which proves quite enough for Caan, who's been watching from the Empire State, to declare the whole thing a costly failure & triggers genocide with a single word- ' destruct'. The Human Daleks are instantly killed, which angers the Doctor. Catching up with Caan, he decides to try a softly-softly approach. Extending a hand as someone who's now also the last of his own kind with an offer of help, he's met with a cry of ' Emergency Temporal Shift!' (by which means Caan will later travel back into the Time War & haul a rather important friend out of quite some predicament in The Stolen Earth/Journey's End).

Living up to the Doctorly part of his name he even manages to extend Lazslo's limited Pig Slave lifespan. What a trooper! On which note he & Miss Jones depart safe in the knowledge that not only does America have a nice new landmark but everything’s tickety-boo. Caan will return though, Ten knows. Funny how these things creep up on you..but its off to stop a Professor Lazarus (clue's in the name, unless you've not read the Bible, in particular the Gospel of John. Let's just say 'back from the dead'). But as ever in these things, with quite the twist.


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