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24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY episode 6 4pm-5pm review

Brad Wilson recovers from another electrifying episode of 24: Live Another Day to bring us his review of hour 6, 4pm to 5pm.


That may have been the most frustrating episode yet! Why? Why can’t people just let Jack do his thing, unmolested and with full trust? (I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “but Brad, if everyone always did what Jack said, then we wouldn’t have a show"). Ah, yes, reader, you’re correct. However, if there weren’t something to complain about, then there really wouldn’t be any point in this review. Ha! Brad 1, Reader 0.

Anyway, sheesh, this hour was just full of moments, wasn’t it? I’ll do something different, I’ll save my complaining for later.

I’d like to start by finally giving CIA Agent Kate Morgan the badass stamp of approval she’s been trying to earn from me the whole season. I mean that was some serious torture, albeit it only lasted about 10 minutes, but still. I’m pretty sure I would’ve died at that point. Electrocution while soaking wet, hanging in the air in a very awkward way, and getting cut? Oh and that’s after injecting herself with Propofol. She really must trust Jack Bauer. Sidebar: I really hope they don’t bring those two together. It doesn’t look like they are, but I’m still hesitant.

So many other important moments in this hour. Simone Al-Harazi gets hit by a bus, Agent Navarro planted evidence against Kate’s husband, for some reason, and Chief of Staff Mark Boudreau gets caught between a rock and a hard place with the Russians.

Let’s start with Mark. Ooooooooo you done messed up now, son. First you forge the president’s signature to hand over Bauer, then you can’t deliver? See, now you’ve swatted the beehive. The Russians were very tame in their hunt for Bauer since he disappeared, but then you have go and kick up a frenzy by telling them they can have them? *tsk tsk tsk.* This will not end well for you. Plus, that little pissing match with Jack? Have some confidence in yourself, bro! Now, full disclosure, Jack Bauer would make any man feel inadequate, so, I don’t blame him. But you’re the White House Chief of Staff, have some respect for yourself.

Next up, I guess the Brother of the Year award goes to Ian Al-Harazi. He FINALLY says something to his lunatic mother about Simone. Ha, you’d think it would’ve come when Margot lopped off her finger, but I guess this family does deal with extremes. But, of course, when he tries to explain to Margot killing Naveed in front of Simone probably wasn’t the best choice, we get what we expect: a five finger slap-a-da-face. Man, that ginger is crazy. Now, thanks to her, Naveed’s sister, Farrah, is dead and her daughter is on the run. Oh, and Simone got hit by a bus, so at least that was pretty funny.

Now on to you meddling Brits. You think just because you’re Prime Minister is Stephen Fry you can do whatever you want? Well you can’t! I got so angry when PM Alistair sends MI5 after Jack. Of course all of this stemmed from their recent knowledge of President Heller’s possible Alzheimer’s. But still, they could’ve really screwed the pooch going in there and shooting the place up. Luckily, Jack Bauer is Jack Bauer and he got the job done by pressing Enter on the keyboard. Ha, no one can make criminal’s think he’s on their side like Jack Bauer. When will they learn? And once again, Jack shows how heavy his pants must be when Carl Rask questions him about the bank account. Didn’t even flinch about Medsker! Just looks at him and tells him what’s what. Now, they have a lead on Margot. Awesome.

Now, what the hell is Navarro up to? He doesn’t seem to be working with Al-Harazi, so now we have another villain thread? Sounds like he planted evidence against Kate’s husband, but why? I guess we all know Kate didn’t “miss it,” because it was never there. Then we have some mystery person on the phone. Man, this season really does just better and better. Can’t wait for next week!

Watch the trailer for next week's episode, 5pm to 6pm

What did you think of episode 6 of 24: Live Another Day?

Brad Wilson lives in Southwest Florida where he writes every day at his job as a television news producer at WINK News. He doesn’t have a blog up yet, but it’s coming. In the meantime you can follow him on Twitter @bradwilson86.

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