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24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY episode 11 9pm-10pm Review

The penultimate episode of 24: Live Another Day delivered yet another hour of high stakes drama. Here's Brad Wilson's review of the action.

Why? Why is there only one episode left? What a fun ride this has been. I wonder if, like each episode this season, my articles also get better? I’d like to think they do.

Can we all just appreciate the Voldemort-type effect Jack Bauer has on Cheng? He gets one look at him, and he’s like: uhhh, we need to get the f*ck outta here! Ha. I know Chloe is a main character, but I’m still trying to figure out why Cheng didn’t kill her and decides to take her with them. Maybe because he thinks he can use her? I don’t know. Just seems like a plot hole. She’s a smart one though, as if we didn’t already know that. Chloe manages to get a recording of Cheng’s last words before they left, helping Jack to figure out who he was. Then she has that awesome scene where she bludgeoned all those Chinese bastards in the face and got out of a moving truck!

Side note: did anyone else roll their eyes during the shootout when there just happened to be propane tanks behind the Russian shooters?

Clearly the Chinese are not a people to be trifled with. Even though the leaders of the United States and England are telling the Chinese President it was an act carried out by Cheng, he’s not buying it. Can you blame him? He *has* to retaliate. This episode it was just surveillance systems taken out, but you can bet more is on the way.

Side note #2: Do you think television shows and movies in China and Russia depict Americans as terrorists and crazy people? Just wondering. Moving on!

Ha, the scene with Jack and Mark. Boy, was that a long time coming. And at least Jack has the decency to speak in private and not rat him out (though he probably did that so Mark wouldn’t be arrested, because then Jack can’t use him). Mark keeps saying he was turning Jack in for his country, but we all know it was just a dick measuring contest between him and Jack because of Audrey. And of course, he is/was going to lose. I mean… he’s up against Jack Bauer. Speaking of Audrey, it’s good to finally see her contributing to solving the crisis rather than just being an emotional woman. She has a contact with the Chinese and a plan she thinks could buy them time, and she acts on it. Good for her. I’m pretty sure this entire season she really hasn’t done anything other than be a pretty face. Of course, at the end of the episode it was all for naught, but still, good effort.

Mark does prove he’s good for something by helping Jack, but he still is gonna go to jail. That big Russian guy with the hilariously stereotypical Russian mustache is now dead, and in a pretty stupid way too. Like that a giant piece of glass is gonna get stuck in his neck, yet Mark remains unharmed. C’mon 24, seems a little cliche doesn’t it?

Guys, next week is gonna be off the chain! I can’t wait. Check back later this week, we’ll take a look back at the top 10 moments of this amazing season!
Brad Wilson lives in Southwest Florida where he writes every day at his job as a television news producer at WINK News. Follow him on Twitter @bradwilson86 and check out his other articles at geekretaliation.net. You can also follow Geek Retaliation on Facebook at facebook.com/geekretaliation

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