The DOCTOR WHO SERIES 8 Opening Titles - UPDATE - Warped Factor - Words in the Key of Geek.

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No Doctor Who series 8 story details follow.
Like many sensible Whovians I've not read the leaked scripts or downloaded the rough cut of Deep Breath. I've done my best to avoid those extreme spoilers but I still like the occasional nugget of information. And this one's a juicy morsel!!!

Just arrived in my inbox (thanks Rob McCarthy) was this link to a youTube video by Billy Henshaw. It's a fan made title sequence for Peter Capaldi originally published last September. What makes this video a tad bit special is that in those leaked Doctor Who scripts they apparently have a production note referring to the show's new titles. It reads: "graphics: by BBC and based on the original idea of Billy Hanshaw".

The same Billy Henshaw who created this stunning video...

Good stuff eh?
The comments below the video are full of congratulations, all posted after Monday's script leak.

Although I'm sure the finished titles will differ, and it's possible Mr Henshaw has created a completely different sequence we don't know about, I really do like the concept of time being included. Makes a whole lot of sense really, doesn't it?

UPDATE Aug 8th:
As the new titles were revealed at the Deep Breath premiere we now know if the video above actually is the real thing or not. If you don't want to know for sure then leave now, otherwise meet me the other side of the famous Captian Jack spoiler bomb...

Still here? Good.

Yep, that was pretty much the titles - well the first half is almost identical. From around 20 seconds in there are some changes - after the TARDIS disappears we are presented with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman's names. There's no Seal of Rassilon and no Capaldi on a fob watch, instead it's his famous angry eye brows zooming into view. There's a new musical arrangement too.

A low res fan shot version was uploaded to youTube, but has now been removed.

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