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Who is John Boyega playing in STAR WARS: EPISODE VII ??

"My character's a what now?"

Following on from yesterday's potential Star Wars: Episode VII plot outline comes some information regarding John Boyega's character. Needless to say if you want to remain completely spoiler free then get yourself outta here right now.

Bad Ass Digest have once again revealed a potential spoiler for Star Wars: Episode VII, essentially confirming something that I've heard mentioned many times before. In regard to the character that John Boyega plays, they say:
Boyega plays a storm trooper. A storm trooper who basically deserts and teams up with Daisy Ridley's character.
Boyega as (a) storm trooper is the single most confirmed piece of news I've ever written about in terms of sheer volume of independent sources who agree. All aspects of this Star Wars information has been vetted by multiple people, but the Boyega stuff has been repeated and confirmed to me by so many people now that it's almost comical.
There are Storm Troopers still at work? So what does that mean for the state of the Galaxy?

If these all pan out to be true are you liking the sound of Episode VII so far?

Source: Bad Ass Digest

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