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A Night At The Natural History Museum.....in LEGO

Ever wanted to spend a night at a museum? Well, thanks to master LEGO builder tjspencer1 now you can!

Just earlier this week we stumbled across his brilliant LEGO Jaws Orca's Last Stand set which is gaining a lot of support on LEGO Ideas, he's gone and done it again with this fantastic LEGO version of The Natural History Museum.


Study the Dinosaur fossils or take a look at the creepy crawly exhibition. Stroll through the mammal & Aquatic section or marvel at the precious stones area. But don't forget to buy a memento from the museum shop before you leave!

This great submission already has over 4000 supporters, and is well on the way to reaching the 10000 needed, so pop over to LEGO Ideas and give this one some well deserved love. Supporting only takes two minutes and remember, there is no obligation to purchase the item.

If successful the proposed set would come with 6 Minifigures: Museum Curator, Palaeontologist, Cave Man, Security Guard, Shop Manager and a Young visitor. It also includes three removable glass display cabinets, Diplodocus and T-rex skeletons.

This is just the thing to add to a modular town layout - an attraction for LEGO Minifigure tourists as well as a destination for school trips! Whether this is a place for learning and curiosity or if the displays in this museum come to life after dark will have to be seen...

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