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Recreate the Moon Landing in LEGO

Some people believe that the Apollo 11 Moon Landing was a big old hoax and the whole thing was just a recreation in a big warehouse. Whilst I've never bought into that particular conspiracy theory I'm not against recreating the event myself... out of LEGO that is!

Over at LEGO Ideas TaylorAbba1234 has a hot property right now. His Moon Landing set is already nearing 3000 supporters and is taking "one giant leap" towards the 10,000 threshold needed for LEGO to take a look at possibly releasing it.

The planned set would include the Brick-Built version of the "Eagle", also known as the "Luna Lander", comprised from 247 individual pieces of LEGO. It will also come complete with Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, plus the USA flag of course.

Pop over to LEGO Ideas and show this one some support and maybe you'll be able to recreate the events of July 20th 1969 yourself.

But wait, there's more...
Four days later on July 24th 1969 the Apollo 11 returned to Earth. The command module landed in the Pacific Ocean, where the crew were 'rescued' by a Naval vessel...

Luis PG has presented this great LEGO Ideas project which allows you to recreate that day. The set would come with 6 mini-figures: three Astronauts, two Sailors and a shark! The command module itself has a hatch which can be opened, and all 3 Astronauts can fit inside seated.

Support the Return of Apollo 11 project here.

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