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Movie Websites From The 90s That Are Still Online Today!

1996 was a big year in internet history, or at least it was for me as it was the year I first got internet access. Freeserve 56k dial-up modem. The internet was in it's infancy, but the websites looked the time of course. Whole evening could disappear whilst surfing this new and wonderful web, although that was largely down to the slow speed of the 56k dial-up!

But it's great to reminisce about days gone past, and you can do just that because there's a whole host of early websites still online today almost 20 years later, untouched and intact just as they were in the 90s. And they are so worth checking out if you want to geek out on some 90s nostalgia.

Space Jam
If you're a fan of migraine inducing gif's then this is for you! Completely untouched since 1996, the Space Jam website gives you the chance to download the trailer for the movie. There's a warning...

7.5 megs!!!! That would've taken me about 3 days to download. But hey, "it's Quicktime" - how can you resist.

Visit the Space Jam website at

Wild Wild West
From 1999, the best thing about the Wild Wild West website is that if you hover the mouse over little Will Smith there in the corner, he pulls a gun. Hours of entertainment!

Visit the Wild Wild West website here

The Lost World: Jurassic Park
Here's a very early bit of viral marketing from 1997. It's a website created for INGEN, the fictional company featured in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. You can find out information on the dinosaurs, as well as the company itself.

Visit the INGEN website here

Patch Adams
The best thing about this website is it understands that I only have dial-up internet so it gives me the option of watching a 5 frames per second version of the trailer. Like some old 1920s movie.

Visit the Patch Adams website here

American Beauty
This was ridiculously advanced for its time. A quite trippy frame based scrolling text flash site, that gives very little information on the film whatsoever.

Visit the American Beauty website here

You've Got Mail
One of the first movies to play up the concept of the internet. You can read the e-mails Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's characters sent to one another...that's if you really can't find anything else better to do!

Visit the You've Got Mail website here

It's not just the movies, there are also many 90s built actors websites still online today...

The Robert De Niro Page
Just perfect if you want to know what Robert De Niro was up to 15 years ago. Do you like the new '99 format?

Visit the Robert De Niro Page here

Now, obviously most 90s websites were taken offline ages ago, but that doesn't mean they are gone from the web forever. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has backed up 430 billion web pages so they are preserved for all to see...

Event Horizon

Men In Black

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation

It's really worth having a play around with the Wayback Machine, you can even check out earlier versions of existing websites. For instance click here to visit the preserved 1996 version of - pre-prequels!You can even check out The BBC's first attempt at launching a Doctor Who website...

...or go back and see Google as it took its first baby steps towards global domination...

Have fun.

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