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Celebrate Halloween with this awesome Spooky LEGO Cemetery

Halloween is but a day away, so here's something to add to the celebrations. After a busy night of Trick or Treat'ing, followed by a tummy full of candy and a screen full of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", why not settle down and build this awesome looking LEGO 'Spooky Cemetary'?

But make haste! When the clock strikes midnight suddenly the tombs open and the creatures of the night crawl out of their graves...

OK, so you can't get your hands on this set for Halloween 2014, but there's a chance you might be able to for October 31st next year, because this is another great project over at LEGO Ideas and if the set gets enough support then the LEGO review board will consider making it available to purchase.

It's a pretty neat set too. You can open Lord Dracula's tomb, watch the skeleton crawling out of its grave, fly around the church with the creepy ghosts, watch out for the Grim reaper, and finally have a dace with Frankenstein before it dawns!

Remember, supporting a project at LEGO Ideas does not obligate you to purchase any sets. It's just your way of saying "Hey, this is cool. I like it." It's quick and easy to do, with a click of a couple of buttons.

The whole set features:
  • A squeaky gate with fence
  • A spooky tree
  • Two opening graves (Lord Dracula's and the skeleton's)
  • Another tomb and a statue
  • A spooky chapel with a clock-tower and the grave digger's office
  • Seven minifigures: two ghosts, the Grim Reaper, Lord Dracula, Frankenstein, grave digger and a skeleton.
You can find the LEGO Spooky Cemetery set here. Show it some love so we can all add it to our Halloween 2015 celebrations.

Happy Halloween!

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