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GRACEPOINT Episode 1 Review

It's a case of déjà vu as Andrew Jero checks out the very familiar opening episode of Gracepoint.

I’ve never been so frustrated by television before! Tell me, what is the point in recreating a show that is just over a year old with different actors?

Gracepoint is a waste of time and money and was so irritating to sit through. From the first frame to the last, I thought, if this is supposed to be a different show, why is the episode almost 100 percent identical to the opener of Broadchurch? It seems that Chris Chibnall has run out of ideas and wanted to make some money off of the same thing twice,, because shot for shot, Gracepoint was the same thing as Broadchurch.

Did I like Broadchurch? I loved Broadchurch, but this was a huge disappointment for me. I was excited to see it arriving on US television and thought that it would be similar to Broadchurch, but I didn’t realize that it would be the exact same show, just with a different setting.

The acting was worse this time around, and the plot was just old because we've all already seen it a year ago, with better actors. David Tennant’s accent was strange, but he was really the only actor that was interesting to watch. Everyone else tries to rise to the performance level that he has, but something about American actors is that all we know how to do is portray negative emotions, we can’t allow ourselves to become vulnerable, and that seriously diminishes the value of this initial episode of Gracepoint.

Another problem I have with this is that some of the characters have the exact same names. I’d call it plagiarism, but Chris Chibnall is responsible for both versions. It was incredibly boring, uninspired and I highly doubt that I will be tuning in for the rest of the series.

If you’ve never seen Broadchurch, watch that, because you’re in for a treat. But if you’ve already seen the original superior British version, then don’t waste your time.

Andrew lives in Iowa and has a very strong love of both Red Dwarf and Doctor Who. He enjoys acting and writing plays, television scripts, and short stories. Follow Andrew on Twitter.

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