McDonald's gets in the Halloween spirit with new Happy Meal boxes

Don't you just love Halloween? The dressing up, the parties, the kids out trick or treating, the Halloween themed Happy Meal from McDonald's!

"What toy are you going to get this time?", "I'm hoping for the Bride of Chucky so I can complete the set", "Well open the box and let's see"...

 ..."Argh, it's another Chucky. I've got 3 of them already", "Well never mind, there's always the Chicken Nuggets to enjoy!"

Ok, so this isn't a real McDonald's Happy Meal box and toy (more's the pity). You may well remember the brilliant McDonald's Happy Meal boxes from Newt Clements (who has one of the best Pintrest boards which you should be following). Well after last months collection of fantastically funny/cool/inappropriate boxes we thought it would be great to share some of our favourite Halloween themed ones too.

I think the Carrie toy might have been dipped in some ketchup...

Wouldn't you just buy them all if McDonald's actually did this? I'm telling you, they are missing a trick (or treat)!

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