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Raff tucks into this week's episode of The Walking Dead - Strangers...

This week's review might be a bit different because I had to abandon my breakfast in this episode. I had my usual coffee and rice crispies, but this week, the zombie slush got to me. There was a lot of zombie head destroying and it turned my stomach.

As the episode progressed, I felt sicker and sicker. Then when Gareth reappeared, everything that I had eaten, came back up for a visit. It was disgustingly brilliant!

This episode started pretty much where the previous episode left off. The gang were walking aimlessly in the forest until they happen upon a screaming vicar on top of a very large rock. Obviously, they save him in a "we will help you, but remain suspicious of you" kind of way and then they follow him to the church, where they will camp before they make the journey to Washington with Eugene and the knowledge of the "cure." This was pretty much the last point at which I could eat my breakfast. I still drank my coffee though, nothing puts me off coffee.

What struck me was how grown up Carl has become. In the comic, there is a serial killer air about him, and I thought that was the way that he was going to go in the TV show. However, in this episode he seemed to be very responsible and proved that he can think about the safety of the group. He was very suspicious of Gabriel and was looking around the church until he found the ominous "You will burn for this" note scratched on the side of the building! I loved this element to the show because it made me feel like there is no real rest in this story. There is danger everywhere, and sometimes, the zombies are the least of their worries.

This week, we finally got the confirmation of what everyone has been speculating all summer - Terminus was full of cannibals! We didn't find this out until the last quarter of the episode, and again, it made my stomach turn. They actually showed Gareth eating Bob's leg, whilst his foot was still roasting on the fire. It was gross! But, I think that the part that actually freaked me out the most was that the foot was on the fire! Why did it have to be the feet? I hate feet! Then I started to actually think that there was something wrong with me because I was only disturbed when it was the foot?? Then I puked.

I felt a bit sorry for Bob because he was just experiencing a bit of happiness, then he first gets pulled under water by a zombie, and is then all cagey with Sasha, and then he goes into the woods crying and gets kidnapped by the zombies! And then Gareth ate his leg!

Now, if you have read the comic then you know where this is going. If you haven't read the comic, then think about some things that you have just seen and ask yourself -

1. Why was Bob crying in the woods?
2. Why didn't they show us what happened under the water?

You might have already guessed what is about to happen! I love the way they have handled this storyline. In the comic, this is Dale's story, but I think that it is better with Bob, not least because Dale died a long time ago! Let's just say Bob is going to have the last laugh! But I am a little sad that it was Bob because I did like him, but then again I don't know who else I would've liked to be the main course instead.

Rick and Carol
I loved the interaction between Rick and Carol this week because it was great to see Rick ask Carol if they could join her in the woods. It was almost like forgiveness in a way. I have always seen Rick as the natural leader, but now I think Carol could take that role as well. She makes the hard decisions when they need to be made. Sometimes I think it is sad that she thinks this way, but then I realise that is exactly how people would need to be!

Daryl and Carol
I also loved the Carol and Daryl connections in this episode. To me, everyone has been acting as if Carol enjoyed killing at the prison, but in this episode we saw that Daryl knows that she's in a lot of pain with what she had to do. Furthermore, I enjoyed seeing the car that took Beth and I can't wait to see where she is.

This episode was a lot slower than last week, that is true, and some people are saying that it was too slow for them. However, can you imagine what it would be like if every episode was as fast as the season 5 opener? Our head's would explode!

Rating: 8/10

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