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Matt Donabie continues our look back at the many Marvel Animated movies with 2008's Next Avengers: Heroes Of Tomorrow.

I know what you're thinking. Kids!

Put that prejudice aside because this is a pretty enjoyable movie that might just surprise you. The story itself is very intriguing and engaging. It's not as character focused and intense as some of the recent animated comic book movies, but it also doesn't go to far into juvenile territory.

The premise sees the Avengers defeated by Ultron, so Tony Stark tasks himself to hide their children from the machine menace. Hardly a role model or ideal daddy material, but Stark raises them in a underground artificial paradise, whilst filling their heads with stories of their parents heroic encounters. 13 years later Ultron discovers their location and launches an all out attack. On the run and separated from their mentor, the 'Next Avengers' attempt to carry on their parents legacy.

Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow has a very strong opening, and captures you right from the off. You're going to either love or hate the kids, they are a little cliched but their story arcs are quite believable. There are also a few moments of teenage angst, but a lot of this story could be related to any young teen who is just trying to live up to their parent's expectations. Which I guess is what Marvel were aiming to do with these youngsters.

The animation is quite interesting, it's definitely got its own unique style, one that seems quite suited to the style of story told here. Although, possibly the animation was rushed in certain scenes because there are times when it is very intricate in detail and others where it looks quite flat, this can be a tad jarring. Another negative about the film is that when the action transfers to Ultron City it doesn't quite live up to the earlier moments. But it's good to see the kids in action, and being an original story really adds to it's strength.

Overall, Next Avengers: Heroes Of Tomorrow is a fairly enjoyable animated feature which, unlike so many of the mature themed ones released today, you can actually sit down and watch with your children and both get something out of, without concerning yourself about what inappropriate scene may come up next. Plus you get a brilliant moment of aged Hulk action (that's not a spoiler, his image is on the cover) which is quite, quite marvelous.

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