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Missy to return in DOCTOR WHO Series 9

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine contains an interview with Michelle Gomez where she talks about her time as Missy/The Master. Now I think we're all pretty much gathered that, despite what was seen on screen during Death In Heaven, the Master would eventually find a way to return to trouble the Doctor once again, but possibly we hadn't thought it would be quite so soon.

When Gomez was asked if Missy would be appearing in Series 9 of Doctor Who, she revealed:
"Yes. 'Yes' is my answer. I’ll be back. Can I say that? Am I allowed? If not… well, I guess we’ll have to see how she’s received…"
You can read the full interview in Doctor Who Magazine issue #480, which is on sale now.

Gomez also revealed that a fake version of her 'reveal' scene was filmed, just in case the public overheard. In that one she told the Doctor that she was a different Time Lord.
"You know who I am. I’m Missy. Or, if you’d prefer, Random Access Neural Integrator. Rani for short."
Were you happy with Missy turning out to be the Master? Or would you have preferred they went with this alternative reveal?

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