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Five Characters We'd Like To See Again In DOCTOR WHO

Wil takes a look at 5 characters he'd like to see make a return to Doctor Who...

If I had to pick just one companion from the original series that I'd love to see make a return to Doctor Who it would be Ace. What did happen to Dorothy Gale McShane? It was hinted that she'd end up in 18th Century France in Silver Nemesis. There was also a plan that in season 27 she would go to Gallifrey and train to become a Time Lord, but as we all know season 27 never happened. If the Twelfth Doctor finds Gallifrey next season then maybe she could make an appearance there.

However, you may remember that Ace was kinda namechecked in The Sarah Jane Adventures. Sarah Jane says "that Dorothy something — she runs that charity, 'A Charitable Earth' ("ACE"). She's raised billions." So maybe she stayed on Earth. Either way I'd love to see her meet up with the Doctor again. After all, it's been 8 years since School Reunion so I think another companion from the past is long overdue, don't you?

Plus Ace's return could lead nicely into something else too. After the sad passing of Elisabeth Sladen there's a huge Sarah-Jane gap open on CBBC, a potential spin-off for the girl from Perivale would fill that nicely.

If Ace is the one person from the classic series I'd love to see return, then Jenny is the one from the modern show. Basically because I feel there's plenty more story to tell there.

Let's remember that as far as the Doctor is concerned, Jenny is dead! He was unaware that she revived (it wasn't a regeneration really was it?) and doesn't know that she set off to become a space explorer. Wouldn't it be great if he just ran into her on some adventure on a far off planet? How about after he's found Gallifrey and everything with the Time Lords is dandy! Maybe Jenny's now got a daughter? Maybe she's called Susan?

Or maybe not?

But I would like to see Jenny back in some form and, with the greatest respect to Mr. Capaldi, the fact that we now have an older looking Doctor would work to both characters advantage as they'd actually look like they could be Father and Daughter.

King Yrcanos
Brian Blessed is as awesome as he is loud. That is a fact. He is so awesome that as King Yrcanos he got to marry Peri, something that I was intending to do as a young teenager as she was one of my first TV crushes. But being that she was marrying Brian Blessed I was kind of OK with it, any other man though... <angry face>

But isn't it about time that the Doctor popped in to check on his old companion and see how life is for the Krontep Royal Family? Wherever the Doctor goes we know an adventure is around the corner, and can't you just picture Brian Blessed and Peter Capaldi teaming up together on screen? How amazing would that be! My television may just explode from the awesomeness.

Make it a Dalek story too, that way Yrcanos can shout "DALEKS? ATAAAAAAACCCKKKKK!!!!" and I can die a happy man.

I'm never going to give up on this dream.

In the mid 80s when the BBC was pissing all over Doctor Who and doing their very best to destroy the show, there was something amazing going on over at Doctor Who Magazine. The Sixth Doctor had himself a new companion called Frobisher.

Frobisher was a shape changing Whifferdill who just happened to enjoy taking the appearance of a penguin. Obviously at the time it would've been impossible to include Frobisher on the TV series, but not now. Frobisher wouldn't need to be CGI all the time, he could be human in many of the scenes, he could be an inanimate object in others, but I would love to see him reconnect with the Doctor.

I believe he is the greatest companion we've never officially seen and deserves a television outing, at least just once.

Pretty please.

Raston Warrior Robot
Long before the Weeping Angels there was another Doctor Who villain that was lightning quick, the Raston Warrior Robot.

Russell T Davies spoke of bringing them back at one time but it never happened, so Steven Moffat, if you're listening please do us all a favour and bring back these perfect killing machines. They deserve more than just a singular outing in The Five Doctors.

Plus arrows are cool nowadays, these shiny dudes fire them out of their hands, that's doubly cool!

Which characters would you like to see make a return to Doctor Who? 
Let us know in the comments below...

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