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The Worst Movie Taglines Of All Time!

A good tagline is essential for pretty much anything, be it cars, burger restaurants, soap powder or movies. They are the words that are supposed to sum up and sell the 'product' to you. To make you want to drive that car, eat that burger or buy a ticket for that movie.

So how on earth any of these were approved is beyond me...

Unwittingly, he trained a dolphin to kill the President of the United States.
It's bad enough to train a dolphin to kill the President, but to do it unwittingly??? Madness!

Great things come in bears.
How?!? I mean HOW??? How this was ever approved? I just do not know! But I swear whoever came up with this tagline took one look at the image and knew exactly what they were doing. And then just to make sure they added 'Coming Soon'.

The only thing more terrifying than the last 12 minutes of this film are the first 92.
Fair enough I guess. But according to IMDB this movie only runs for 92 minutes!

Why are they putting seatbelts in theaters this Summer?

Today the pond... Tomorrow the world!
Who goes for a dip in a pond, eh?

The government taught him to kill. Now he's using his skills to help one woman sezzzzzz 
Sorry, I fell asleep half way through reading that tagline.

The magnificent one!
Is it one or is it seven? Make up your mind!

When a girl has a heart of stone there's only one way to melt it. Just add ice.
That makes no freaking sense whatsoever.

The magic is back!
I'm not knocking the Lethal Weapon series - they are awesome movies - but I must have missed the scene in the first film when Riggs took that weekend job as a kids party magician.

The magic is back again.
Such a shame that Murtaugh's disappearing woman trick was cut in the theatrical release.

This summer, terror won't be taking a vacation.
Since when has Halloween occurred in the Summer?

No one does it to you like Roman Polanski
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