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We've just found your perfect 2015 calendar

Nope that's not Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher back in character after 30 long long years - although that would explain why JJ left them out of the recent trailer! This is even better than that...

Some of you may remember the 2014 calendar featuring a group of pensioners recreating classic Hollywood movie scenes (it's here). Well 2015 is almost upon us, which means it must be time for a new calendar, and this one's a doozy.

Uploaded by a Reddittor called cocowilde, who says:
The ages in this calendar range from 64-93 (it's not polite to reveal who though).
The calendar was photographed in one day at the village and edited by our lovely photographer friend, Ian Cann.
It is for sale from tomorrow to residents, their families and visitors (starting at our Christmas fayre tomorrow!). The village is a charitable trust and all proceeds go back into the budget for resident activities.
Check out the (embiganable) selection below...

I love that Hagrid is riding an electric scooter with the Hogwarts Express sign on.

You can see the rest here, then pop across to Reddit as you've just discovered the perfect Christmas gift...

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