Senior Citizen Kane! Pensioners take on Hollywood in nursing home calendar


If your Cliff Richard calendar isn't giving you a good enough fix of senior citizen action (that sounded wrong!) then this could be what you're looking for.

No, that's not Sean Connery pictured above, he's not decided to return to the role of Bond once again. It is 89 year old Wilhelm Buiting posing as 007.

How did this come about you ask? Well a nursing home has created a calendar featuring their elderly residents posing in scenes from famous movies. We reckon someone working there liked tinkering around with Photoshop and thought up this ingenious idea. We're certainly glad they did because it's pretty awesome...


Dirty Dancing

The Blues Brothers


The Seven Year Itch

Saturday Night Fever

Easy Rider


Mary Poppins


Breakfast At Tiffany's

They missed a trick by not recreating Senior Citizen Kane though!

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