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Want One Now!!! Check out this awesome LEGO Caterham Super Seven

Here's a really awesome project from LEGO Ideas that just HAS to make it to the review stage - because I want one!

What we have is a LEGO version of the iconic Caterham Super Seven car, and what sets this design apart from any others I've seen is the fantastic attention to detail.

Yep, it's a kit car of a kit car. The ultimate kit car as far as I'm concerned. I've kinda been in love with the Seven since I first watched Patrick McGoohan driving one in the titles of The Prisoner. That was the original Lotus Seven, after they stopped production Caterham took over assembly of the model, and later manufactured them themselves, before finally the iconic car adopted the Caterham name.

Caterham Cars themselves are fully behind this design, and it's not hard to see why. Clearly the construction of the proposed LEGO kit, by Bricktrix_Carl, has been a labour of love. He's already added several updates and amendments to the design, and plans on refining the proposal whilst it's still gathering support. The most recent update on the design incorporates a linked steering assembly, so when one front wheel is turned, the opposite wheel turns with it.

If you pop over to the LEGO Ideas page you can see all the different colour scheme skews, and find out a lot more information. And whilst you're there why not show this project some support? Click that blue 'Support' button and let's help the Caterham Super Seven reach 10,000 votes.

Remember that a show of support for any proposed project at LEGO Ideas does not obligate you to purchase any product, it's just your way of telling LEGO you think the idea is cool and it's the kind of thing you'd like. But you'll have to get behind me in the queue, as I WANT ONE NOW!!!!

Source: LEGO Ideas

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