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ARROW: Season 3 Episode 12 Review - Uprising

Brad Wilson welcomes Arrow back to Arrow...

This episode was much improved over last week, but it still has a lot of room to get better. Let’s start with the bad, so we can end with the good.

The number one thing that I hated about this episode, and it’s probably a small thing, but it was when Capt. Lance recognizes Roy as Arsenal. Really? You recognize some punk kid you arrested once or twice in a hood and mask, but you don’t recognize your own daughter? You don’t recognize Oliver Queen? And to make matters worse, Sin recognizes Canary isn’t Sarah. They tried to play it off by giving Lance a few lines about seeing Roy wearing a red hoodie before, but still. That was HORRIBLE for me. I’ve talked a lot about the suspension of disbelief in this show, but that was just stupid. 

The second, and I think last thing, I hated was the child acting in this episode. The flashbacks, typically a strong point of the show, were weak in this one. Man, that kid playing young Tommy was just awful. Flashbacks really just need to focus on Oliver.

Also, Laurel as Canary still sucks. But I covered that in my last review. Likewise with leaving Digg in the control center with Felicity and sending “Canary” out instead. Again, the suspension of disbelief.

I didn’t hate this, but something that was kind of lame was that big melee between Brick’s people and Team Arrow’s people.  I felt like I was back in Nolan’s “Dark Knight Rises.”  I did like how they went around recruiting, well, I don’t know about “like,” but it was interesting. But the execution was a little lame. I accept it though.

Now, to the good stuff.

I REALLY liked how the episode started. Using news programs and frantic 911 calls to set the stage of chaos. Nicely done. I also like the little twist of Brick killing Malcolm Merlyn’s wife. They could’ve made it a little less obvious though. Having that conversation between Merlyn and Thea followed by a flashback kind of took the wind out of that reveal. I still liked it though, as it gave him a reason to reach out to Team Arrow.

And on that note, the last few episodes without Oliver have been brutal. Merlyn and his story has really been the only thing keeping it interesting. Now, when he goes to Team Arrow to team up, they say no. Instead, they recruit people off the street – knowing Merlyn would likely show up to the fight anyway. HOWEVER, I think we all need to remember what Merlyn did with Thea and Sarah and why the hatred is so strong.

Then we get to the return of the Green Arrow. About damn time. This show has been hemorrhaging interesting without him. I loved his return as well. Trying to restore a bit of humanity in The Magician, for Thea of course, not because he cares about Merlyn. Then a nice speech for the town. I liked it. THEN Felicity has to go and ruin a nice homecoming by getting all mad at Oliver. The man just returned from the dead and you have to be all butt hurt about him “getting in bed with Merlyn.” I know. I know it’s awful, but Oliver has a point. It doesn’t matter that Merlyn started all this – what matters is stopping the inevitable arrival of the League of Assassins and Ra’s Al Guhl.

The line that was VERY powerful in this episode came at the end by Felicity, “I don’t want to be a woman you love. “ She has a point. Laurel, Moira, Sarah, Shado – pretty much every woman Oliver cares for dies or gets hurt. I don’t blame her.

Overall, this was a decent episode. I guess I just have to accept these characters don’t learn from the past when it comes to secrets. And that’s just fine. I’m still looking forward to the reveal of the A.T.O.M. suit and I’m so glad Oliver is back.

Until next week!

Brad lives in Southwest Florida where he writes every day at his job as a television news producer at WINK News. Follow him on Twitter @bradwilson86 

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