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ARROW: Season 3 Episode 13 Review - Canaries

Brad Wilson has a lot of love for this week's new episode of Arrow.

I think the word that best describes this episode is “FINALLY!” Yes, capitalized. Otherwise it doesn’t convey the fully range of my excitement. Good grief it’s about time Thea knew about all this stuff! Guys, I literally channeled my inner Sinbad from “Jingle All the Way” and exclaimed THANK YOU! (That is such a specific reference – I hope some of you get it).

Of course it wouldn’t be “Arrow” without secrets. So, of course no one has told Thea she’s the one who killed Sarah in a hypnotic state and it’s 100% Malcolm Merlyn’s fault Ra’s Al Guhl is after them in the first place. For Team Arrow to hate Merlyn so much, they sure don’t mind keeping his secrets, do they? Especially Roy.  Speaking of, where does he get off stepping up to Oliver like that? Yes, Oliver was “dead” and Team Arrow had to get by on its own. But the WHOLE TIME the group complained about how bad they were at it and even considered throwing in the towel, a point Digg makes to Oliver. So, when Green Arrow returns and tries to get back to business, I’m thinking that’s a good thing. Apparently not. Also, it apparently means Roy, who voluntarily distanced himself from Thea, can now all of a sudden speak for her and push back against her brother, who is also his trainer. But that certainly was not the glaring issue with this episode.

Before I get into what was the glaring issue, let’s talk about the final scene. I think it’s asking a lot of the audience for them to believe Oliver was in Starling City during his absence and didn’t try to get away. I’m sure when we see more flashbacks they’ll explain it, but I feel like the writers need to take a hint from Icarus and not fly too close to the sun.

Anyway, moving on. I have to say; it was a bit of a treat to see Laurel get her ass handed to her in this episode. She actually had a line that just made me shake my head. She said, while talking to Oliver, “fighting for your city isn’t selfish. It’s what a hero would do.” Ugh. Shut up, Laurel. I know I’m not the only one who thinks she’s the weak link on this show. I know, I know. She helped Arsenal and the rest of Team Arrow in Oliver’s absence – that point was well made the human moral compass, Felicity.

I’ve said this for the last two episode reviews. When you take a person like Laurel, a girl who has had a few boxing and self defense classes, and you put her in the field along side Oliver Queen, a trained assassin, and Roy Harper, trained by a trained assassin, it’s a little unbelievable. But when you realize John Diggle, a MILITARY trained solider, is doing all office work – it’s just dumb. If that’s what they want to do, at least have Digg get hurt or something. Sure, Laurel wears the Canary mask and it’s supposed to “strike fear into the hearts of criminals,” or whatever, but she’s not believable. She even uses Canary’s weapon, a staff. When did she learn how to fight with a staff?

I know I harp on Laurel a lot. But it’s frustrating.  Oh, and apparently the first dosage of Vertigo just completely messes her up, but the second round she’s able to just overcome up without any antidote? Yeah, that’s believable. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, sometimes the suspension of disbelief in this show is a tall price to pay. Plus, they need to get rid of Vertigo. Come up with something new. I know it’s a well-known thing, but damn that needs to go away.

Despite Laurel and Vertigo, this season has FINALLY gotten better – at least the second half. Those few episodes without Oliver were brutal. But it’s getting good now. Also, Amanda Waller is crazy! That woman is just evil!!!

Finally, we come to Thea’s DJ dude trying to kill her. I loved that scene. I like the idea of Thea being more involved. I don’t exactly buy her as a killer, but, if they’re going to tell me Ra’s Al Guhl’s daughter was kicking ass when she was like five, and Sarah and Laurel Lance can be masked, vigilante’s – why wouldn’t I believe a tiny girl like Thea could be an assassin? She’s a better actor than Laurel, I can tell you that.

I hope the Queen siblings being on the island doesn’t take up too many episodes. I can’t deal with Team Arrow minus the Green Arrow again. Though, that probably means we get to see Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer again. I wonder when we get to see the A.T.O.M. suit in action?

All in all this was one of the best episodes since the winter break. Having Oliver back helps so much. Maybe one of these days Thea will know the full truth.

Brad lives in Southwest Florida where he writes every day at his job as a television news producer at WINK News. Follow him on Twitter @bradwilson86

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