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Geek Couples: The First Doctor and Cameca

Ten and Rose, Eleven and River, they could learn a thing or two from the original Mr. Loverman! Christopher Morley is your guide for an Aztec love story...


With romance dominating this week, lets allow the First Doctor & his lovely Aztec lady friend Cameca to lead us down Lovers Lane!

A chance meeting in the Garden of Peace gives the Time Lord a first taste of romance, & like many a teenage boy before and since he's completely clueless. No matter that he looks nothing like one!  His first line to her after a recommendation from the priest Autloc is either a smooth move or a complete flop depending on point of view-
DOCTOR: And what about her?
AUTLOC: Cameca? Of all those here, her advice is most sought after.
DOCTOR: What did you say her name was?
AUTLOC: Cameca. You will find her a companion of wit and interest. And now I beg permission to depart.
DOCTOR: Of course. In spite of the drought, there's plenty of water for the flowers.
CAMECA: Better to go hungry than starve for beauty.
DOCTOR: Thank you. Mmm, all the perfume of the gods. I find this place delightful. So restful.
CAMECA: It is the Garden of Peace.
DOCTOR: A very apt description.
And they must really like each other, for they soon meet again- & the Doctor turns on the charm, the sly devil!

DOCTOR: What leaf is this?
CAMECA: It's from a herb. The sap is used by our medicine men to induce sleep, but the leaves are harmless.
DOCTOR: I think I know about it.
CAMECA: You are a healer?
DOCTOR: No, no, they call me the Doctor. I am a scientist, an engineer. I'm a builder of things.
CAMECA: Now I understand your interest in the temple.
DOCTOR: Yes, there are one or two features inside the temple that intrigue me.
CAMECA: I have some knowledge of it.
DOCTOR: Yes, for instance, the tomb is sealed. Now surely the builder had some way of opening it?
CAMECA: My knowledge is too limited to answer you, but the builder's son may know.
DOCTOR: Yes, of course I don't wish to pry into family matters
CAMECA: No one could think that of you. I shall arrange a meeting.
DOCTOR: Oh, my dear, how charming of you.
CAMECA: When shall it be?
DOCTOR: Oh, any time. Today?
CAMECA: An interested mind brooks no delay.
DOCTOR: Yes, and I'm sure that's true of you, too.
CAMECA: It was true. Now I am content to spend the time here like the others.
DOCTOR: Oh, but their minds are old, Cameca, and that's something I'm sure yours will never be.
CAMECA: Your heart is young too, Doctor.
Bit odd for a second date, you'll surely agree.

By the third he's engaged, having shared some hot chocolate with her!

How did she know he needed her so badly? Does he even know she'd give her heart gladly? Yesterday, he was one of a load of Time Lords...........
CAMECA: He is a gentle companion, and most dear to me.
AUTLOC: Then prepare these beans as a love potion.
CAMECA: That would be too bold. Rather he should show his love for me.
AUTLOC: You wish him to prepare it?
AUTLOC: Good fortune.

CAMECA: I greet the good and noble Doctor.
DOCTOR: Ah, my dear Cameca. How nice to see you again. The garden's been a lonely place without you.
CAMECA: If one's interest is held, loneliness does not exist.
DOCTOR: I was merely passing the time until you arrived. Oh, this sign. I hadn't noticed it before.
CAMECA: It is the Yetaxa sign. In almost every building, honour is paid to Yetaxa.
DOCTOR: Oh, really? Oh, my dear. Cocoa beans?
CAMECA: We use these to barter for our daily needs.
DOCTOR: What am excellent idea. A currency you can drink. Delicious.
CAMECA: You know our custom?
DOCTOR: Yes, my dear, of course.
CAMECA: The drinking of cocoa has it's own special meaning.
DOCTOR: Yes, I agree. A rare delight. We should take a cup together.
CAMECA: Are you certain?
DOCTOR: Yes, yes, quite. Now, give me some beans and I'll prepare them.
CAMECA: You insist upon this?
DOCTOR: I do. I insist absolutely. As a token of my esteem.
CAMECA: The gods are smiling favour through your eyes. May it always be so. My dear Doctor, I accept with all my heart.
But sadly its not the case that everyone's a winner, as the Doctor of course eventually leaves her to return to the TARDIS with Susan, Barbara & Ian. He does, though, keep the brooch she gives him. Not as callous as he might appear in jilting her, then?
"I'd hoped I might stay by your side. Then think of me. Think of me.…"

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