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Geek Couples: Mulder and Scully

Raff explores 'the truth we both know'...

When I found out that my first gig back at Warped Factor was going to be a special on Mulder and Scully, I almost jumped for joy! I didn’t, because I was in a public place and people would have stared at me.

But after I finished having a mini freak out, it dawned on me that I was going to have to write about Mulder and Scully!!!! I have loved these two since I was 12 years old. That’s nearly half my life. I found the idea quite daunting, because how was I going to convey their love for each other in a piece of writing? So, I decided to tell you about the first time I saw them and how I realized that they were in love.

When did I first meet Mulder and Scully?

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was early in season 3, and it was half way through an episode. They were in an elevator and Mulder had just returned from “the dead”. He asked Scully how she knew that he was still alive, and she replied, “I just knew.”

I think my brain exploded. From that scene alone I knew that they loved each other beyond all reason.

Think about that for a second, I’m 12 years old, I don’t understand anything in life, but I knew that these two people had something special. That is an amazing feat for a TV show.

I don’t think I left the house all summer. I went back and watched every single episode and watched these two people fall for each other. Now, it wasn’t like a normal romance. We didn’t see them kiss (for years) and we didn’t really see them in a personal setting. We saw them hug, we saw Mulder touch Scully’s necklace when he was trying to make a point and we saw the odd holding of hands and friendly exchange, but that was it. Yet, we all knew that they were doing it when we were stuck watching the Pepsi advert!

So what made them special?

For me, it was how intense they were with each other, and how they were willing to sacrifice anything for the other. Touching hands, and the odd (thousand) stares that were held for just that bit too long to be platonic, became the things that the fans longed for. It's crazy really to think that just holding hands got the same reaction from The X-Files fans, as another TV duo would for “doing the wild-thing.”

They were the original ship! (For casual geeks, shipping is when you want the two main characters to get together). I know, technically, Moonlighting had a ship, but The X-Files fans actually coined the term “ship.” It’s true. It’s in the Urban Dictionary.

When did they get together?

Funnily enough, you don’t actually see them get together. They danced around each other for 7 years and then boom, Scully is pregnant. We saw a scene with Scully asking Mulder to donate his “stuff” so that she can be artificially inseminated, but that didn’t work. Cut to a few episodes later and we have Mulder meeting his son, and Scully asking Mulder how the son was here, with Mulder replying, “the truth we both know,” and millions of fans all over the world, flailing. They were together. They were, I don’t care what anyone says!

Even though we didn’t see them doing the “horizontal mambo,” we began to see parts of their lives as a couple. Scully feeding Mulder’s fish, both of them being jealous if another person came sniffing around, them buying each other Christmas gifts, if one of them was missing, the other couldn’t really think straight until they were back, Mulder telling people that a case (Scully) was important to him when she was missing and then Scully made THIS speech:
“Well, it seems to me that the best relationships, the ones that last, are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is… suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.”
There was more flailing. I hit rewind about 60,000 times. I know that’s a bit embarrassing, but I’m fine with it. I’m sorry, but if you don’t think she is talking about Mulder then just be on your way because we can’t be friends.

Then, there was this:
MILITARY GUARD: What are you thinking?
MULDER: About my son ... about his mother.
MILITARY GUARD: Wrong answer!

SCULLY: Mulder.
(MULDER turns around slowly. He moves away from the light and a little closer to SCULLY and SKINNER. He has a strange look on his face.)
SCULLY: Mulder!
(MULDER sniffs the air around him. He fixes his stare only at SCULLY and says ...)
MULDER: I smelled you coming, Clarice.
(SCULLY and SKINNER look a little stunned. SCULLY throws an uncertain glance to SKINNER. MULDER releases a chuckle and a smile. SCULLY takes a deep breath at being once again exposed to MULDER'S exquisite sense of humour.)
SCULLY: Oh, my ...
(SCULLY doesn't seem too amused. She also hasn't moved closer to MULDER. She remains where she is since she came into the cell, quite a length away from MULDER with SKINNER between them.)
SCULLY: Damn it, Mulder. It's not funny to see you putting on that act.
MULDER: No, that is funny.
(MULDER fixes SCULLY with a look and begins to walk toward her.)
MULDER: What's not funny is what they do to you in here if you don't put on that act.
(MULDER finally sounds like his old self.)
(MULDER reaches for SCULLY, cups the back of her head with both hands, and draws her to him. MULDER kisses SCULLY leisurely taking his time, his thumbs gently caressing her cheek. SCULLY reaches up and touches MULDER. This is the reunion they both need. MULDER wraps his arms around SCULLY, drawing her nearer to him without breaking the kiss. They embrace each other in their passion. For one moment now and after, they simply hold each other.)

SCULLY: Well ... whatever you're doing ... you have no idea how much has already been lost ... What I've had to do ...
MULDER: I do know. Skinner told me.
(SCULLY begins to cry.)
SCULLY: Our son, Mulder ... I gave him up.
(MULDER gathers SCULLY into his arms trying to comfort her, drawing comfort from her.)
SCULLY: Our son. I'm so afraid you could never forgive me.
MULDER: I know you had no choice. I just missed both of you so much.
This episode destroyed me. There has never been a ship like them and there has never been a ship that has affected me as strongly as them. I am sure many of you feel the same. I haven’t even mentioned the doll, the baseball scene, the genetic muster scene, and the conversation on the rock, the hospital forehead scene, the “Agent Scully is already in love” scene, the did-he-just-say-I-love-you-when-she-saved-him-from-the-testing-on-the-giant-white-X moment, the millennium kiss, the end of requiem when Mulder is “keeping her warm,” because I really don’t need to.

They are the reason that I love TV, and they are the reason that I and many other people have been in love with a TV show for all these years, and will continue to love any movies, or limited series that we may get. Yes, that was a shameless #XFilesRevival plug.

When I think about unconditional love in a TV show that is NOT a soap, I think about Mulder and Scully. We may not have seen romance in a conventional sense, the kind that you come to think about for Valentines Day, but to me, this is romance:
  • Threatening a pizza guy in un-rational jealousy
  • Running after a car when the other half has been kidnapped
  • Super-stars of the superbowl
  • Apollo 11 Keychains
  • Remembering birthday’s in dog years
  • Chasing Zombies on New Years Eve
  • Spending Christmas together in a haunted house
  • Baseball
  • Hatred for bees
I’ll leave it there because I could probably write about them for years, but let me know what you think about Mulder and Scully in the comments down below. I should warn you that if those comments mention Fowley (the Fowl one) you will be cursed (joking………………not really)

Raff is a massive Disney Geek, Thrill Seeker, Gamer and Comic Book reader. Basically she's an all round massive geek! Read more reviews from Raff at and follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube.

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