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Available in store now is the first issue of the new Doctor Who Comic from Titan. So what do you get for your £3.99?...

Since acquiring the Doctor Who comic book license Titan Comics have not hung around. Last July they launched their Tenth and Eleventh Doctor titles, joining them in October was the Twelfth Doctor, and this month sees the start of a new Ninth Doctor miniseries. Overall, both the stories presented and the artwork have been nothing short of spectacular.

Taking things to the next level is the brand new Doctor Who comic produced exclusively for the UK market. Not only will you find it in your favourite comic book store but it's there on the high street, on the shelf in WH Smiths and many independent newsagents, so it means that those of you who have yet to experience Titan's excellent range of Doctor Who adventures now have no excuse not to. Gathered in issue 1 are the opening chapters of the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctor series - that's three full stories for the price of one.

Doctor Who Comic UK gets underway with the Twelfth Doctor in the first part of Terrorformer. Something Steven Moffat has been very consistent with the suggestions that plenty more adventures take place off screen between episodes, and here Robbie Morrison presents what could easily be one of them. Terrorformer really does have the feel of a Twelfth Doctor episode from the TV series, but one without any budgetary constraints.

After a nice pre-credits sequence, we find the Doctor taking Clara to what is supposed to be a ice-covered planet to teach her to ski. After arriving the pair discover that the planet's ecosystem has changed entirely. It's now a jungle out there! The dialogue from the Twelfth Doctor reads just like Peter Capaldi is delivering it, especially in one frame when he is putting down another character. The backgrounds and scenery look amazing, with colourist Hi-Fi pulling out all the stops, and all bar a couple of panels Dave Taylor admirably captures the likeness of the main characters. The story ends on such a brilliant cliffhanger that it pretty much guarantees you'll be returning for part 2.

Next up with have the Eleventh Doctor in After Life. Set after Amy and Rory's wedding, the Doctor has left them behind to settle into wedded life, and so we're introduced to a new companion in the form of Alice, a library assistant who has recently lost her mother. After Life is a wonderful story that shows the joy and change the Doctor can bring to someone's life. Gary Caldwell colours the story in black and white for it's opening pages - it's an amazing choice as it really shows the depression that Alice feels, and when the Doctor enters her life so does the colour.

I absolutely loved this story, and again the writer's (Al Ewing & Rob Williams) have perfectly captured the Eleventh Doctor's voice. It's a complete adventure here, although there's a tease that it might just be the start of something bigger and so you're left feeling as if this is the first chapter, the first episode if you will, from a missing Eleventh Doctor season. And if the remaining chapters maintain this level of storytelling then It's going to be one heck of a ride.

The third story features the Tenth Doctor and is set after the events of Journey's End. Revolutions of Terror again introduces us to a new companion. Gabby Gonzales is a Mexican immigrant living in New York and working two jobs to make ends meet whilst also attending night school. One day strange things start happening and people start seeing monsters, and wouldn't you know it - there's a blue police box nearby and a Time Lord on hand to investigate.

The artwork from Elena Casagrande is strikingly different to what I was expecting, and of all three stories this is the one that visually stayed with me the most. The panels are very impressive throughout and Casagrande does a great job in setting the perfect tone for Nick Abadzis' story. It's suspenseful, with a twinge of horror, and it's all there in the visual storytelling. The characters are well realised, with one unfortunate notable exception - the Tenth Doctor. A couple of times, especially when he first appears, I wasn't 100% sure if it was actually him from the artwork alone, but when combined with the amazing script from Abadzis you're left in doubt. This is a minor hiccup in what feels like the start of something quite special, and indeed come the final panel the Tenth Doctor is drawn perfectly. Revolutions of Terror makes it three out of three for capturing the respective Doctor's speech pattens, and once again we have a cliffhanger that tantalisingly sets up chapter 2.

In addition to the three main strips there is a one page Pond Life funny, a second single page strip featuring the Twelfth Doctor in vinyl figure form, and the reproduction of Alice X Zhang's stunning cover art for the Eleventh and Tenth Doctor stories (not for the Twelfth this time).

In short, Doctor Who Comic UK represents excellent value for money. 84 pages featuring three very faithful new adventures for the three most recent Doctors for just £3.99? How can you not want that?

Doctor Who Comic UK #1 is available in newsagents now, alternatively you can subscribe and get an awesome free T-shirt!

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