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That Time Scrooge McDuck Came Up With The Story For Inception!

Wil ventures into the mind of Scrooge McDuck...

It's mind blowing time once again. Stick around, you'll love this!

Back in 2002, issue 329 of the Scrooge McDuck comic book featured a story called "The Dream of a Lifetime". It told the tale of the Beagle Boys latest caper as dream-thieves. Whilst Uncle Scrooge was sleeping they invaded his dream in order to steal the combination to his money vault.

Now whereas I expect most of you have never read issue 329 of Scrooge McDuck, I expect many of you have seen the movie Inception and you'll know that's pretty much how that 2010 film begins - except of course Leonardo DiCaprio isn't a talking dog (or is he?).

After the Beagle's are inside Scrooge's mind, they have trouble differentiating the dream world from reality, which again is kinda exactly like the characters dilemma in Inception.

To help his Uncle, Donald Duck enters the dream world too. He needs to figure a way to get the Beagle Boys out of the dream. You might remember that in Inception they used "kicks" to exit, balanced chairs and the like, so when they felt they were falling they snapped out of the dream, waking up. Any guesses for what Donald Duck uses?...

Of course, In Inception things get a lot more complex when Robert Fisher (played by Cillian Murphy) is jumping from dream to dream and can't remember the last dream when he's in the new one. Fortunately Cobb (DiCaprio) is on hand to help, as the 'invader' he is able to remember...

Remember, you don't want to be stuck in a dream if the 'dreamer' wakes up...

It's almost ridiculous just how many similarities this Scrooge McDuck comic strip and Inception share. But wait, there's more!

Remember Mal? Cobb's wife. She was kept alive solely in his dreams. Say hello to Goldie, Scrooge's old girlfriend...

So why doesn't Uncle Scrooge carry a co-writing credit on Inception (or more sensibly Don Rosa who penned the story The Dream of a Lifetime)? Well, apparently Nolan pitched Inception to Warner Bros. in 2001, a year before this comic book was published. Nolan's since gone on record as stating that he's not entirely sure where he got the inspiration for Inception from, but it's a huge co-incidence, no?

And if you want further Scrooge McDuck related mind-blowing shenanigans then check out that time Scrooge McDuck came up with the opening for Raiders of the Lost Ark!

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