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THE FLASH Season 1 Episode 15 Review: Out of Time

The Flash is back! And so is Patrick Delaney. Here's his review of Out of Time...

We are back baby!

After a break that felt like forever, the Flash returns with hands down the best episode yet.  First we get a new Weather Wizard =-that's right, our week one villain is back.  I'm sure you're thinking to yourself.. wait.. didn't Weather Wizard die in that first episode?  Well yes, but it's his brother... that makes sense right?  No, it doesn't... but we go right along with it.  Of course there is a revenge plot for the murder of his brother, but that's not where the juicy stuff is, so we will come back to the Weather-Man.

The real interesting twist was when Barry was running (he does that a lot, I know), he saw himself running next to himself,!  I'll give you a second to piece that sentence together... done?  Why is this interesting you say?  Well first off, don't interrupt... its rude and people are reading this, but mainly because we get into the time travel portion of the Flash's powers and why he is such a key part of the "Crisis on infinite earths", which was shown in Dr. Wells magic newspaper... from the future. 

While Weather Wizard is causing havoc for the Flash and the police, Cisco has a little personal time ... to do science .. *cough*.  You see Cisco is on to Dr. Wells being the Reverse Flash, and just when he makes the discovery, Wells confronts him.  Dr. Wells explains through painfully obvious exposition, that he needs the Flash's ability to travel through time to get home to his world... and that he's sorry he killed Barry's man.. that was his bad, he was trying to kill Barry... because he needs him.  That's what I got out of it, and I'm sure more will come to light, but I can't help but love Dr. Wells character.  Then to quench his lust for murder, Dr. Wells drives his hand in the chest of Cisco killing him for what I can only assume will be the last time. 

Super sorry bro... RIP.  Your corny jokes reminded me of a dear friend that I really, really hated.  However, the final showdown with the Weather-Dude is going down and a tidal wave is heading for the city which will kill thousands (Except, Cisco.. he's dead at this point remember?).  How will the Flash stop a massive wave?  Did you guess running?  Damn,  I wanted it to be a surprise. That's right, Barry runs to create a wall of wind, which I'm sure if we fact check will be 100% correct. Then something happens... Barry runs so fast, he slips through time and finds himself running next to himself, as he looks over at himself at that very moment! Thus Barry has just discovered he can time travel, which will come back to bite him in the ass just like that last confusing sentence.

We had a long break, but man did the Flash come back and deliver, and we are left with a hell of a cliff hanger!  Barry is stuck in the past, tidal wave heading for the city, Iris's top does not match those shoes, and Cisco is getting blood all over the lab...  What will we do!!

A nerd baptized in the flames of Dungeons and Dragons, who would grow up reading comic books, and watching Star Wars like it was the only three movies ever made.. this nerd would one day share his opinions .. on the internet. God save us all ... and follow up on twitter .. @x_fenderx

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