Battle Of The Schwarzeneggers: New International TERMINATOR GENISYS Trailers

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Well he did say he'd be back!

Paramount are hoping Terminator: Genisys proves to be a sizable global hit, and so they've released some exclusive trailers specifically for foreign shores which offer some new tantalising footage.

Whilst not as spoilerific as the recent 'payoff trailer', these clips give us more footage of the new evolving Terminator as well as a glimpse at what looks like a pretty epic battle between an old and young Arnold Schwarzenegger...

Terminator: Genisys arrives in UK cinemas on July 3rd and two days earlier Stateside. It stars Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor with (no relation) Jason Clarke playing her son John. Arnie is back as the aged Terminator, and in his first big Hollywood role it's Matt 'Doctor Who' Smith.

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