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Wil proclaims WTF to these out-there Game Of Thrones moments.

Naturally there are spoilers for all four seasons of Game of Thrones included throughout.

There be deaths by the dozen, some make us cry, some make us cheer, but for me Game of Thrones is the must see TV that it is thanks to the completely unexpected scenes of weirdness. Here then is my pick of the finest WTF moments we've seen in the first four years...

Incest and (attempted) Child Murder!
I'm trying to think of another series where, in the pilot episode, they feature a brother and sister doing the nasty in a dirty old tower, and the brother taking a breather and attempting to murder a child. (I could be wrong, but I think Modern Family tried the same thing in an unbroadcast pilot!)

This was the moment, the WTF moment that made you sit up and take notice. As far as we knew young Bran was plummeting to his death. 60 minutes in and it was clear this show was going to be something very special.

Melisandre's Baby 
I mean...but...really now?....what the....

Easily one of the most out-there moments of the entire series to date. Melisandre gives birth to some kind of shadow/smoke baby type thing, whilst Davos Seaworth looks on thinking to himself "I mean...but...really now?....what the.... "

Dany Eats A Horse's Heart
You could be forgiven for thinking that you'd accidentally switched over to Fear Factor.

The pregnant Daenerys must consume an entire horse's heart, which she does with gusto, because (cue Joe Rogan) "evidently, fear is not a factor for you Khaleesi".

Rat Torture
Fun fact: Rat torture was not dreamed up by George RR Martin, it was allegedly used in Chile during the regime of Augusto Pinochet.

Joffrey with the Crossbow in the Bedroom
Joffrey's murder of Ros with a crossbow signaled the moment when the young King went from weekend serial killer to full-on psychopath. He could've just stabbed her, or had her beheaded, or poisoned her, or strangled her, or whatever, but no! Joffrey uses her as sport. Just because.

I mean, WTF joffrey, WTF?

Dany Survives The Fire
I'm trying to think of another series where, in the season one finale, they feature one of the shows most popular characters walking into a roaring funeral pyre, spending the night there and then coming out unscathed... with three baby dragons in tow. (I could be wrong, but I think The Big Bang Theory tried the same thing with Penny!)

Yeah, that was most definitely WTF territory.

Theon and the Burnt Children
That might sound like the name of a groovy 1970s band, but Theon's actions here were far from funky.

I never liked him, this cemented that. Burning two random farm children and leading Maester Luwin to believe it's Bran and Rickon! What a bastard! He sure had this coming to him...

Theon's Pork Sausage
I have no love for Theon Greyjoy. His torture scenes, although grim, did little to make me care for him.

But then there was this! Oh my freaking God!!!

It's just soooo wrong on so many levels. Even now, almost two years later, I still can't look at a hotdog the same way.

What was your favourite WTF moment from Game of Thrones?

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