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The Best 'They Had It Coming' Deaths In GAME OF THRONES

Returning this weekend for its Fifth Season, there is one thing we can be sure Game of Thrones will deliver upon - character deaths! Some of them are heartbreaking, some of them are plot driven, and some of them are looooooong overdue. Wil counts down the best deaths for those characters who just had it coming!

Naturally, spoilers for all four seasons of Game of Thrones are included throughout.

10. Craster
This list is populated with the horrible characters, the ones who you meet and instantly can't wait until they get their comeuppance! It's part of the reason I love Game of Thrones, you know George RR Martin is going to come up with some new inventive way to off them!

Craster was most definitely one of those horrible characters. Yes he gave us Gilly (yay for incest!?!), but nobody, not even his incestuous children, missed him one little bit.

9. Karl Tanner
Staying at Craster's Keep, and a strikingly good death for a truly despicable character. When a wounded Rob Snow jabs that sword through Karl Tanner's head there was an audible "GET IN!" to be heard in my house.

It was also worth sticking around for Rast, another Night's Watch mutineer, who was running in the woods away from the battle like a coward when he was killed by Ghost!

8. Rorge
You don't mess with Arya Stark!

It's two for one territory again. First the Hound snaps Biter's neck, and then Rorge threatens to do things with a stick to young Arya.


I'm hoping for a spin-off series titled just that, with Arya righting the wrongs of the world. The title sequence can just be her offing anyone who has done her or her family wrong. Yay Arya!

7. The Tickler
You don't mess with young Arya Stark!

Even before she performs her own first kill, she's got others doing it for her!

6. Polliver 
I know it's another Arya kill, but for me it represents a great moment of her character development. It's cool, calm and composed.... and 100% badass. When I grow up I want to be just like Arya (without the killing you understand?).

5. Master Kraznys
"Tell the bitch her beast won't come"

You tell her yourself Kraznys, she understands what you're saying! Ohhhhh man! Now you're busted.

A very satisfying death by dragon fire, as is....

4. Pyat Pree
This dude is just creepy through and through, and his death was a great way of showing that Danny+Dragons=All kinds of awesomeness.

After all, they say that your first dragon roasting is the best.

3. Tywin Lannister
Oh the humiliation! Mid-dump, you're dwarf son shoots you with a crossbow. Twice.

He had it coming, oh yes he had it coming. After a lifetime of torment from his father, Tyrion discovers his dear daddy has slept with the woman he loves. Fantastic offing.

2. Joffrey Baratheon
You know what? I'm gonna say it. I miss Joffrey!

I mean, man he had it coming, he had it coming good. But every show needs a Joffrey. He was like a junior JR from Dallas on crack.

The whole purple wedding was a great way to finish him, but to do it so soon in season 4, all unexpected like - good move, Game of Thrones, good move.

1. Viserys Targaryen
For my money this is the best death in Game of Thrones ever.

Viserys Targaryen was a right bastard, and after the way he'd been treating his sister he didn't deserve a simple stabbing or beheading or impaling or poisoning or slicing or dicing or squishing or biting..or..or whatever else George RR Martin can dream up (death by blender, I want that in season 5). Oh, no. Viserys Targaryen deserved his golden crown and it was ably delivered by Khal Drogo.

A true best of the best death scene.

What are you favourite deaths from those Game of Thrones characters who had it coming?

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