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Exported TV & Movie Titles That Got Lost In Translation!!!

Loads of your favourite TV shows and movies are exported to many non-English speaking countries, and often the title has to be adapted to make sense to the people of that country. However, it seems quite often something gets lost in translation. Amongst the best example of this is the Japanese title for 'Jersey Shore', 〜マカロニ野郎のニュージャージー・ライフ〜, which loosely translates to 'The New Jersey life of the Macaroni Assholes'! A title that actually manages to be more offensive than the show itself.

So turn off that episode of 'Cube Heads', place the DVD of 'A Very Powerful Whale Runs To Heaven' back in it's case and take a seat, because we've gathered up a huge collection of the very best translated titles for you to marvel at. And when we're done, does anyone fancy binge watching 'In The Shoes Of Satan'?..

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Doctor Who: Who Are You, Doc?
Game Of Thrones: Throne Fight
Die Hard: Give Your Life Expensive
The IT Crowd: Cube Heads
Lost: Infernal Paradise
Frasier: The Gossip Machine
The Powerpuff Girls: Tiny Policeman
Breaking Bad: Total Suckage
Parks & Recreation: Urban Development Department
True Blood: Drink And Let Live

Knocked Up: The Date That Screwed Me
Superbad: Super Horny
Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs: Cloudy With A Chance Of Falafel

Die Hard: Chrystal Jungle
The Dark Knight: Night Of The Knight
Knight Rider: The Fantastic Car

Free Willy: A Very Powerful Whale Runs To Heaven
Austin Powers: Trump Card Big Liar
The Full Monty: Six Naked Pigs
The Blair Witch Project: Night In The Cramped Forest
As Good As It Gets: Mr Cat Poop
Pretty Woman: The Sparrow Becomes The Empress

Leon: This Hit Man Is Not as Cold as He Thought
Fargo: Mysterious Murder in Snowy Cream

Deep Impact: Earth And Comet Collide
Knocked Up: One Night, Big Belly
Nixon: The Big Liar
Doctor Who: Mysterious Professor
Risky Business: Just Send Him To University Unqualified
Boogie Nights: His Great Device Makes Him Famous

Six Feet Under: The Customer Is Always Dead

The O.C.: Lonely Hearts
Glee: Losers

American Pie: American Virgin Man

The Big Bang Theory: Spectacles Fogged Up

Breaking Bad: In The Shoes Of Satan

Jersey Shore: The New Jersey life of the Macaroni Assholes
Army Of Darkness: Captain Supermarket
The Horse Whisperer: Held by Wind in Montana
Being John Malkovich : The Hole Of Malkovich
Jersey Girl: I Love My Dad The Best In The World

The Matrix: The Young People Who Traverse Dimensions While Wearing Sunglasses
The X-Files: At The Boundaries Of Reality

Die Hard With A Vengeance: Die Hard: Mega Hard

That 70's Show: Golden '70s
Bad Santa: Santa Is A Pervert!
Hot Shots! : Warm Shots

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Swim Quietly, Larry
Arrested Development: Company Monkey Business & Construction

Get Smart: Is The Spy Capable Or Not

Mad Men: People In Manhattan
Die Hard: Die Manly

Die Hard: The Glass Trap 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy Under The Spell of Demons
K9: My Partner With The Cold Snout
Dragnet : Floppy Coppers Don’t Bite
The Parent Trap: A Twin Seldom Comes Alone
Die Hard: Die Slowly
Die Hard With A Vengeance: Die Slowly, Now More Than Ever
Two & a Half Men: My Cool Uncle Charlie
Dodgeball : Full Of The Nuts
Girl, Interrupted: Cuckoo
Animal House: I Think I'm Kicked By A Horse
Being Human: A Vampire, a Werewolf and a Ghost

House: Doctor's Conscience
Arrested Development: Reflected Family

Scrubs: Doctor Or No Doctor

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: A Crazy In The Area

Juno: Juno: Grow, Run and Stumble.
Snatch: Pigs And Diamonds

Grease: Vaseline


Die Hard: Skyscraper Attack
Die Hard 2: Airport Attack
Lost In Translation: Meetings and Failures in Meetings

All images via Soundimals

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