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See What's Inside The New POWER UP BOX

Looking for a monthly geek themed box full of quality licensed products? Look no further than the Power Up Box...

Right now there are a growing amount of monthly subscription boxes aimed at geeks and gamers. It's the perfect market really, as we like our toys and gadgets. And also because, let's face it, who doesn't like receiving surprises in the mail?

But you might be faced with the problem of deciding which one is worth the investment. Well if you're looking for some officially licensed quality products then the Power Up Box is one of the best I've yet to see.

Power Up Box is a monthly subscription box that brings epic geeky, gamer, and pop culture gear to your door monthly.There are two different subscription boxes, both of which include a t-shirt. The Premium Box is $29.95/month, and contains 6-9 items (up to an $80.00 value). The Deluxe Box is $19.99/month, and contains 4-6 items (up to a $50.00 value). There are discounts if you sign up for 3, 6, or 12 months, plus if you use this link and coupon code WARPEDFACTOR you can save 10% on your first box!

I've just taken delivery of my first Premium Box, and this is what I received...

...a large black box full of goodies. Absolutely chock-full too, no packing to pad it out. Lemme at 'em all...

Star Wars T-Shirt
There's a bit of a Star Wars theme to this month's box, starting with this licensed, 100% cotton t-shirt. It's absolutely perfect, no tacky promotional tee, just a nice subtle high quality t-shirt, that I'd expect to pay $15 to $20 for. It'll be on my body asap! (After an iron, of course). Licensed t-shirt's are pretty rare in geek boxes, so I’m very impressed with this inclusion.

Frankenstein Jr. & The Impossibles POP Vinyl
The Hanna-Barbera Saturday morning 'toon Frankenstein Jr. & The Impossible is nearly 50 years old! Premiering in September 1966, it's a show I'd completely forgotten about until finding this POP figure in the box. He sits proudly on my desk right now.

For Fox Sake Mug
This might be the coolest mug I'll ever own, and most definitely another essential desk 'accessory'. This and the Star Wars t-shirt are my favorite items in the box.

Angry Birds Star Wars Giant Pen and Notepad
This picture doesn't do the pen justice. It's huge, about 11" long. My kids are fighting over who has these items. I say me!

Marvel Star Wars Comic
Issue #4 of the new Marvel Star Wars Comic, with bonus digital edition included. Can't be bad.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Socks
Nice pair of themed socks, again really good quality.

100 Piece Star Wars Jigsaw Puzzle
I'm about to crack this box open and get to some jigsawing. Love me a puzzle.

Lightning Bug Gummy Candy
Here's one my kids can have. Although I'm getting involved in the fun too. The tongs actually make the candy worms light-up! I'm feeling a little old with thoughts of "whatever will they think of next" going round my brain!

To summarize, I'm mightily impressed with the Power Up Box. I've had subscription boxes like this before where less than half the items have actually been of interest, but these are all very cool. The quality is high, and most importantly you really don't feel short-changed with the contents - something that I know has happened to me before. My kids actually said they should've got me one for Father's Day - and I would've been dead chuffed if they had.

What'll be in next month's Power Up Box? I've no idea, but I can't wait to find out.

Order your Power Up Box here, and use the coupon code WARPEDFACTOR to save 10% on your first box!

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