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STAR TREK: New Visions Vol. 1 Review

Si Shepherd shares a vision.

Do you remember the Star Trek Fotonovels? They were a series of books featuring re-tellings of Star Trek: The Original Series episodes, with word balloons and text arranged over stills from the episode in the style of a comic book or graphic novel. I guess they were a bit of a fad in the late 1970s, and then disappeared without trace.

Well guess what? They're back. Sort of.

Star Trek: New Visions Volume 1 is a collection of all-new, feature-length tales set in the Star Trek: The Original Series universe, but done in the Fotonovel style. This first volume was released September 2014, with a second edition out this month. They act as a 'suggested' season 4 for The Original Series, and in the format it's in is really a great idea. Taking screenshots of the characters from broadcast episodes and using them to either create a new adventure or continue on from a previous story is a clever idea. And for the most part, it does work well.

The stories featured include:

Strange New Worlds - Taken from the 2013 Star Trek annual, this, and all the stories included, were written and 'compiled' by John Byrne. It was the first 'New Visions' story and acts as a sequel to Where No Man Has Gone Before. In it, the Enterprise responds to a mysterious signal from Delta Vega where they learn the true fate of Gary Mitchell.

The Mirror, Cracked - Originally appearing in issue #1 of the New Visions comic book series, the title probably gives away that the story sees the return of the crew of the ISS Enterprise from the Mirror Universe. At the end of Mirror, Mirror, 'good' Kirk planted the seeds of change in the mind of 'evil' Spock. Now we see the results.

Time's Echo - Appearing first in issue #2, this story does not follow on from an Original Series episode. In it, a monitoring station receives a faint message which originated 1,000 years ago from the galactic core. The Enterprise is called to investigate as the message was apparently sent by Captain Kirk.

Sweet Sorrow - Originally appearing as the backup story for Time's Echo, this shorter tale features Yeoman Rand. Remember how she disappeared during Season 1 of TOS, not to be seen again until Star Trek: The Motion Picture? Ever wondered what happened? Well here's your answer.

This combined graphic novel also features a one-page introduction and a very informative look behind the scenes of how John Byrne put the stories together.

Byrne, for the most part, captures the voices of the original crew very well. I can't say that all the stories are perfect, and the background visuals are a little rough in places, but all in all Star Trek: New Visions Vol 1 is an enjoyable read, and one that will fill you with nostalgia. It's about as close as you'll ever get to season 4.

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