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What If Sonic The Hedgehog Was Real?

It's taken 24 years but now we can finally answer the question, what if Sonic the Hedgehog was real?...

Sonic the Hedgehog made his gaming debut back in 1991, briefly giving Sega a shot at Nintendo's crown, and since those heady days of Green Hill Zones and gold coins people the world over have been crying out "what if Sonic was real?". Well now we know. Kinda.

The good people at Mashable heard your cries, and so after they were introduced to Elvis the Hedgehog from the San Diego Zoo, they speared no expense in creating this high quality video experiment...

OK, he's not quite as fast as Sonic, and he's also not blue, but the results are conclusive - hedgehogs love collecting gold coins!

I'm now hoping that someone provides a group of worms with an array of spectacular weaponry, to discover if they actually like to rage war on each other on a series of randomly generated maps. For scientific reasons, of course.

Source: Mashable

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