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Rare Hand Drawn Russian STAR WARS Movie Posters

Звёздные войны

You may remember this hand drawn Russian movie posters article from last year? (If not, go check them out, I can wait) Some of them were pretty weird huh? Well this collection of Star Wars themed ones takes the weirdness to a whole new level.

Basically, if you don't know the story behind these, when a Russian cinema was fortunate enough to get hold of a Western blockbuster they needed some way to let the locals know what movie was playing. Because no official movie posters ever came with the film itself many Russian cinemas would employ an in-house artist to create a hand drawn poster instead, and many times they'd not seen the movie that they were depicting.

Never is that more clear than in this collection of Star Wars Russian movie posters, bearing no resemblance to the movie itself apart from the title which translates as "Star Wars. A Galactic Western".

Enjoy... (I think?)...

It's interesting that the image above kind of looks like Darkseid from DC Comics. I wonder if the artist had been reading a comic or two that day...

This final poster comes from the 1990 Russian release of Star Wars, and was distributed to a few select cinemas, yet apart from the Lightsabers (I guess they are Lightsabers?) still bears no resemblance to the movie...

You can pick yourself up a copy of that poster if you've got yourself a spare £500 ($850), that's about the going rate for it on eBay recently.

I'll take two!

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