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Video Game Firsts - OXO

It's all gravy...

It's time for another week of Video Game Firsts, starting off back in 1952 and the earliest known game to display visuals on a video monitor.

Developed by Alexander S. Douglas in 1952 for the Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator (EDSAC), an early British computer, OXO simulates a game of Noughts and Crosses, also sometimes called Tic-tac-toe. Douglas programmed the game as part of his Ph.D. thesis on human-computer interaction for the University of Cambridge.

To play OXO, the player would enter input using a rotary telephone controller, and output was displayed on the computer's 35×16 dot matrix cathode ray tube. Each game was played against an artificially intelligent opponent.

OXO is considered as being the first real graphical computer game, preceding Spacewar! by almost a decade, but had a very limited audience and achieved little popularity or success outside of the University of Cambridge. The reason for this is simply that EDSAC was unique, so nobody could play the game outside of the University.

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