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ARROW Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Lost Souls

Margot Hitchcock presents 7 reasons “Lost Souls” is keeping Arrow on point.

This week's Arrow may have advertised itself as “lost” based on the episode's title, but I'd argue this season is well on the right track. And here's 7 simple reasons to prove it.

7. “It's too easy to lose myself in him ...” ~ Felicity Smoak

Yes, Miss Smoak, us too. We are all refreshed with this season's slightly less angsty and much more motivated Oliver, who manages to juggle managing a secret ops superhero team, running a mayoral campaign, and … cooking? Wow. I may've discovered something hotter than the salmon ladder, ladies.

In the (surprisingly) wise words of Donna Smoak, “Better put a ring on that.”

6. “Don't make empty threats. It's small.” ~ The delightfully dark-humored Damien, ladies & gentlemen.

I keep trying to hate this man, but he's just so … cool! Damien Darhk reminds me of The Brain – a la Pinky and The Brain. World domination, self-amused word play, and absolute disgust with anyone other than himself are just a few of the similarities these two conniving crazies share. It's refreshing to have a villain that keeps his cool while methodically planning the demise of a city (and probably the world), rather than being motivated by emotional irrationality. While I could never go full “Darhk side,” I feel like Damien, more than most, makes evil look appealing.

5. “You two turned out perfectly, alright?” ~ Capt. Lance

Oh, Quentin, you comedian, you! I'm placing this one on the list because it could only have been stated in irony … right? Right, guys?

Laurel – as we are ALL well aware – is by far the most annoying character on this show. Even throughout this episode she allows Sara to join in the crime fighting, sees the damage that occurs and then allows her back in the field. Seriously, Laurel? Please stop having an opinion.

Or more importantly, Team Arrow, please stop letting Laurel make decisions. Come on.

I will give you Sara though. Her whole “I respect that you're not really dealing with your Lazarus Pit baggage, Thea, but I'm going to be smart about this” moment shows a maturity and self-awareness lacking in her sister. I have no problem understanding why she keeps leaving her family …

Let's hope Quentin fares better in his assessment of Mrs. Smoak.

Speaking of which …

4. “Don't ruin something that most people don't ever get.” ~ Donna Smoak

The Smoak women are on FIRE this episode (yes, pun intentional)! Yassss, Donna – the members of #TeamOlicity heartily agree with your assessment of this dynamic duo. The Oliver/Felicity relationship comes into question this episode, which had to happen eventually, I suppose; however, I'd argue the fighting is all worth it because we get to watch Diggle's hilarious expressions mid-argument. Worth it. Also, the make-up make out scene. Definitely worth it.

But just in case you didn't get enough of these lovebirds this episode, someone with WAY too much free time developed a full 6 minutes of footage of Stephen & Emily throughout their series relationship.

Hopefully these two are enjoying their characters' set-up as much as we are. Please don't mess with perfection, CW.

3. “Alright, Spartan, let's do this!” ~ Felicity Smoak

This moment was SO beautifully woven in! This episode proves that “Team work truly makes the dream work” by showcasing just how action-packed and awesome Team Arrow is at full capacity. On top of Diggle's newly dubbed superhero alias, we're also gifted Sara's Canary, the return of Ray's the ATOM, and another teasing team-up with Curtis (the soon-to-be Mr. Terrific)! Whew! This all leads up to what Amell rightfully dubs the “7 Superhero Sandwich.”

(Even though I'm taking his statement out of context, I still think the description fits.)

Plus, Team Arrow will need as many badass fighters as it can get, now that we've got magic AND some weird Rubix cube science stuff to deal with thanks to Damien's latest unveiling:

2. “Felicity Smoak is one of the smartest, most badass women on the planet.” ~ John Diggle

Put this on my tombstone, please. Geez. Diggle is super hard #winning this episode – new codename, great comedic reactions, AND on point description of my favorite gal.

True, Felicity spends much of this episode in hangry mode (someone please hand this chick a Snickers)

But she manages to be stressed, frazzled, and whiny while still exuding fabulousness. Like, girl doesn't eat or shower for days but still manages to wear a dress to work? If I were in her shoes, I'd be in glasses, sweats, and without make-up … kind of how I am right now while writing this article. ::cringe::

Nevertheless, Felicity comes to her senses, and we're all reminded that you can have a boyfriend and still maintain your badass status all by your awesome self.

And finally the # 1 spot goes to:

That's right. Oli & Dig are officially BFF's again. Thank GOD.

While it was a little strange that Diggle momentarily turned into Sam the Bartender, the bromance between these two is strong, and we, the viewers, are loving every minute. Diggle and Oli jump back into each other's company as though nothing has changed (except, apparently, their drink of choice), and until next week's episode, I think I'll be reliving this beautiful moment over and over again. Because it's awesome. Just like Arrow.

Margot is a huge supporter of all things relating to "nerd culture," in particular those involving superheroes and Disney. She loves books, movies, music and working out, and currently lives in Athens, GA, with her rabbit, Gigi.

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