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ARROW Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Brotherhood

If Margot Hitchcock was a Team Arrow cheerleader (and she likes to think that she is... in a slightly less peppy way) she'd probably start with, “Give me a B!”

For “Brotherhood” ??? Eh, more like “boring.”

I know we've been building up the whole Diggle-seeking-justice-for-his-possibly-not-dead-brother plot since last season; and the rising action, accompanied with this teaser from last week had me on the edge of my seat. But the climax offered us in “Brotherhood” seems a little … disappointing, to put it nicely. I'm sorry – this episode just had a sense of false urgency for me.

While it begins promisingly enough with an adrenaline-filled fight sequence, this overused Fast and the Furious knockoff falls flat and is frankly a little too expected. Apparently last season's workout montage is this season's chase sequence because we've seen more than our share these past few weeks. I get it – we need to focus on the team effort instead of one man's solo quest, but I am NOT happy with this switch up. (Now if everyone was having salmon ladder competitions, that'd be one thing.)

So rather than jump from boring point A to boring point B, I'm going to break down all my favorite “brotherhoods” from this less-than-stellar episode. Sounds like fun, right?

The Campaign “Brotherhood”

True, this group mostly consists of the Queen/Davis trio plus a bunch of unpaid interns. However, Oliver's campaign team seems to be coming together rather well, especially with Hotty McHotterson, Alex Davis at the helm.

Yes, Thea. We, too, are all interested in politics a lot more with this suave and serious cutie calling the shots. And boyfriend can work a suit (obviously top priority). Plus, he borrowed my phrase “on point” from last week's article, so I like his style. Coincidence? I think not. ;-)

And on a totally less important note, I am very impressed that Oliver seems to be so politically oriented by wanting to create jobs and boost community morale (as well as totally own staring contests with Damien Darhk whilst delivering speeches). Probably not one of the assets listed on his assassin/vigilante/failed CEO resume, but it's definitely looking up for this ex-playboy turned humanitarian.

The Team Arrow “Brotherhood”

While the chase montage has been overused a bit this season, it's definitely showcasing how well this team has come together. Everyone's got their code name now, everyone's attempting to help out (even Laurel gets some awesome fight choreography during the search for brain-washed Diggle, Jr.), so everyone is seemingly happy. Especially Felicity, who has really come into her own this season. In the past, her frazzled yet educated dialogue was endearing; but now we get to see a solidly dependable & dangerously smart bad-ass in charge of the tech side of Team Arrow. Damn, she's cool. CEO be lookin' good on you, Ms. Smoak.

But we do have a few outliers suffering from identity crisis this season: Sara and Ray are both conflicted about who they are, so are now searching literally for their “new life” purpose. And we all know the beautiful solution comes in the form of Legends! (Seriously, I will mention this crossover until it shows up in January. No need to pay for publicity, CW – I've got this covered. And did I mention I'm pumped?)

Speaking of crossovers, let's touch on the amazing and more immediate “DC Brotherhood” that's forming nicely among Arrow and Flash, (and ultimately Legends).

Guys, I don't know if you heard, but Christmas is coming early this year. As in December 1st, when a 2-hour “Heroes Join Forces” mega-episode makes all our nerd dreams come true. Yeah, PR could've done a WAY better job on coming up with a name, but I'm still excited to see what happens. Did someone think we wouldn't understand what was happening with the emerging DC television universe?
“We better not get too flashy (pun intended)– just tell the audience what's happening. We don't want to scare anyone with confusing word play.”

“I mean, all that's happening is the heroes are joining forces to defeat Vandal.”

“Wait … that's it! 'Heroes Join Forces!' Perfect!”

“Nah, man … that seems too obvious.”

“Just shut up and get to work.”
Not to mention, the 2-hour superhero circus divides itself into 2 sections, aptly named “Legends of Yesterday,” and “Legends of Today.” What's left, you ask? Well, actually, you shouldn't have to ask because I already talked about it. Like I talk about it every week. But, just to be safe, I'll leave this here:

Well, now I've gone and used all my writing space talking about things that aren't even in this episode. Whoops. :: cough cough::

Can you tell I was less than enthused with this space filler of an episode? I know I should talk about Diggle and his brother who obviously doesn't act normal, and therefore Diggle should realize something's up. I know I should mention how Damien Darhk and Quentin Lance's “bro” relationship has apparently fizzled and dissolved. But I just wasn't moved, you guys. Overall, I think it did a great job getting me … I mean, us … one step closer to December 1st. Just saying.

Before we call it quits though, I will say I am a HUGE fan of Team Gatsby, which is of course Team Arrow all glammed up for Oliver's cocktail party address. Everyone's smoky eye make-up was, in the words of Alex Davis, “On point.” Well, done, ladies. Hoping this black-tie look will be more frequent with Oliver possibly rejoining the 1% society. I think Felicity says it best.

Margot is a huge supporter of all things relating to "nerd culture," in particular those involving superheroes and Disney. She loves books, movies, music and working out, and currently lives in Athens, GA, with her rabbit, Gigi.

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